Synonyms for Sling:


bandage, direct, aim, point, dressing, compress. parachute, dispatch, route, weapon, relocate, bundle off, farm out, post, pack off, mortar, ship. dummy, baby carriage, nappy, papoose, layette, baby buggy, dash, feeding bottle, shy, diaper, pacifier. collar, cotton ball, hang, corset, cotton, suspend, cane, dangle, depend, band aid, swing, braces. bore, chamber, barrel, calibre, gauge, hammer, clip, caliber, bayonet. cutlass, crossbow, halberd, battleax, longbow, mace, pike, dirk. derrick, jack, block and tackle, hoist, pulley, skid, jib, gantry, crane. hang out, droop, cascade, string. cocktail (noun)
Irish Coffee, daiquiri, Tom Collins, gin fizz, hot toddy, stinger, planter's punch, lime rickey, buttered rum, manhattan, Cuba Libre, highball, Moscow mule, toddy, grasshopper, brandy alexander, pink lady, julep, cooler, cobbler, martini, mint julep, Bloody Mary, eggnog, rusty nail, collins, mixed drink, Rob Roy.
impulse (noun)
jog, momentum, punch, motivation, nudge, jerk, jolt, knock, strike, bump, shot, impulse, poke.
sling (noun)
slingshot, scarf bandage, catapult, triangular bandage.


contact (verb)
motivate (verb)
inspire, encourage, hasten, hurtle, ferment, move, instigate, provoke, trigger, jostle, stimulate, magnetize, motivate, prompt, foment, force, urge, entice, shoot, induce, energize.
propel (verb)
flick, chuck, push, toss, lob, precipitate, thrust, fire, shove, fling, goad, catapult, cant, compel, impel, propel, launch, throw, project, butt, pitch, prod, heave, bunt, pelt, hurl, bowl, drive, shunt, ram, cast.
throw or hang over (verb)
pitch, lob, hoist, hurl, cast, shoot, swing, chuck, suspend, fling, dangle, fire, launch, catapult, heave, toss.

Other synonyms:

droop, pulley, block and tackle. hang out, derrick, dangle, jib. hoist, skid, crane. dash, depend. cascade. hang, jack. string. boast
send off

Usage examples for sling

  1. He was standing in the hall with one arm in a sling when she and Violet descended the stairs, an immense man of about five- and- forty with a very decided military bearing and dark eyes of covert insolence. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. Zarxas seized his sling but whether from prudence or from ferocity Spendius stopped him. – Salammbo by Gustave Flaubert
  3. Norris still wore his arm in a sling – The Voodoo Gold Trail by Walter Walden