Synonyms for Incur:


default, provoke, liquidate, forgive, clear, liquidation, incite, discharge, compound, amortize. take over, take on, undergo, shoulder, accept, be in dire/desperate straits, undertake, come under, not know where/which way to turn, go through, endure, be in the grip of something, tackle. incur (noun)
get, find, receive, obtain.


acquire (verb)
corner, palm, accumulate, annex, fetch, land, capture, catch, collect, garner, add, receive, buy, get, lure, obtain, win, net, pocket, acquire, score, retrieve, take, harvest, purchase, claim, wrangle, procure, reap, bag, assume, secure, heap, amass.
bring upon oneself (verb)
catch, provoke, acquire, get, obtain.
change (verb)
get, find, receive, obtain.

Other synonyms:

endure, undergo, amortize, liquidate, liquidation. forgive, default, come under, undertake. discharge, shoulder. go through, tackle. compound. clear.

Usage examples for incur

  1. Amos Barton, to be convinced that he was more apt to fall into a blunder than into a sin- more apt to be deceived than to incur a necessity for being deceitful: and if you have a keen eye for physiognomy, you will have detected that the Countess Czerlaski loved herself far too well to get entangled in an unprofitable vice. – Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot
  2. " You, at any rate, shall incur no danger which I do not share. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope