Synonyms for May:


I thought (that), Why-not, maybe, spring, how about...?, garden month, fifth month, perhaps, opening of the fishing season, what if, it's just a thought, month. what's gotten into someone?, kindly, keep, where has someone/something gotten to?, do with, what (has) happened to something, what has/will become of, anyway, how, just. december, calendar month, august, jan, dec, feb, february, apr, april, aug. Cannot, ought, should, could, used to, shall, must. may (noun)
whitethorn, Crataegus Oxycantha, get, can, might, English Hawthorn, Crataegus Laevigata.
trees (noun)
banyan, aspen, ash, bay tree, balsa, baobab, bay, acacia, alder, almond.


concede possibility (verb)
should, shall.
grant permission (verb)

Other synonyms:

Crataegus oxycantha
Crataegus Oxycantha.
English hawthorn
English Hawthorn.
shall, ought, Cannot, should. must, maybe, used to, spring. could. Other relevant words:
kindly, maybe, dec, december, february, should, perhaps, ash, must, can, baobab, could, april, fifth month, feb, spring, alder, how, shall, anyway, acacia, bay, banyan, month, almond, balsa, aug, Cannot, ought, august, apr, keep, just, jan, aspen.