Synonyms for Aspen:


chairlift, downhill, inner-tubing, cross-country skiing, heliskiing, binding, luge, mogul. aspen (noun)
tree (noun)
banyan, ironwood, cedar, mangrove, apple, butternut, balsa, linden, tamarack, rosewood, fig, sandalwood, eucalyptus, peach, locust, ebony, mountain ash, cypress, mahogany, fir, willow, cashew, ash, weeping willow, citron, palm, mimosa, elm, dogwood, magnolia, balsam, larch, lime, teak, coconut, breadfruit, birch, almond, elder, cassia, apricot, maple, lemon, redwood, tree, poplar, avocado, pecan, papaya, orange, oak, alder, cherry, chestnut, quince, juniper, pine, gum, cottonwood, hickory, sequoia, acacia, pear, mulberry, spruce, laurel, sycamore, yew, beech, walnut.
trees (noun)
baobab, bay, bay tree.

Other synonyms:

cross-country skiing, downhill, inner-tubing, luge, chairlift, heliskiing, mogul. binding. Other relevant words:
downhill, woody, inner-tubing, binding, mogul, heliskiing.

Usage examples for aspen

  1. What we see is largely second growth,- Banksian pine, fir, spruce, birch, and aspen – The New North by Agnes Deans Cameron
  2. For a moment he stood regarding all, then drew back into shadow of willow and aspen descended the bank, and, mounting Black Alan, rode home through the purple light. – Foes by Mary Johnston