Synonyms for Make:


assemble, come in, enter. come together, equal, succeed, triumph, add up to, amount to, be able to do something. go about, initiate, pursue. assign, delegate, impact, interact, take effect, come into play, make a difference. assess, compute, count, estimate, offer, proffer, tender. add up, come out, decree, enact, legislate, total, run to. adjust, communicate, enunciate, say, speak, talk, utter, verbalize, get ready, express yourself, put (something) into words. carry through, codify, coordinate, prioritize, reorganize, restructure, systematize. come over, move, proceed. address, join, participate, enter into, get in on, join in, sit in on, take part (in something). badger, bulldoze, bully, hatch, nag, parent, pester, spawn, threaten, drag into. effectuate, get back, get together, gross, occasion, touch off, trigger, Ingenerate, set off, lead to, result in. inaugurate, put together, start-off. byproduct, choice, commodity, derivative, designate, end product, generation, lineup, tap, brand leader. attack, pressure. prepared. action, politics, promulgate. cover. approach, head, strike out. money, pull down. alien, alienate, cede, deed, law, sign over, transfer. belligerent (noun)
aggressive, desirous, lustful.
category (noun)
brand, breed, caste, category, clan, class, classification, degree, denomination, designation, feather, genotype, genus, grade, grain, ilk, kind, kingdom, label, level, line, mold, order, people, persuasion, phylum, race, rank, series, sort, species, stamp, step, stock, strain, stripe, style, taxonomy, type, variety, Family.
cognition (noun)
make (noun)
arrive at, attain, brand, bring in, cause, clear, cook, create, earn, establish, fix, form, gain, get, get to, have, hold, induce, lay down, make water, micturate, name, nominate, pass water, pee-pee, piddle, progress to, puddle, reach, ready, realise, realize, relieve oneself, score, seduce, shuffle, shuffling, spend a penny, stimulate, take, take a leak, throw, wee, wee-wee, work, make up, take in, pull in, DO, HIT.
towage (noun)
carry on, wage, engage in.


add up to; constitute (verb)
equal, structure, make up, amount to.
arrive, aim at (verb)
arrive at, attain, get to, head, move, proceed, reach, strike out.
cause (verb)
act, bring about, cause, drive, effect, elicit, enforce, engender, engineer, evoke, execute, force, generate, induce, inspire, motivate, originate, produce, provoke, give rise to.
change (verb)
create (verb)
conceive, create, invent.
create, build (verb)
adjust, arrange, assemble, bring about, cause, compose, conceive, constitute, construct, cook, effect, engender, fabricate, fashion, form, frame, generate, hatch, initiate, invent, manufacture, mold, occasion, originate, parent, prepare, procreate, produce, put together, shape, spawn, give rise to, get ready, lead to.
creation (verb)
designate, appoint (verb)
assign, create, delegate, name, nominate, proffer, tap, tender.
earn, acquire (verb)
bring in, clear, gain, get, pull down, realize, take in.
enact, execute (verb)
act, carry on, carry through, decree, draft, establish, fix, formulate, legislate, wage, DO, engage in.
father (verb)
found, procreate, sire.
induce, compel (verb)
drive, force.
prepare (verb)
arrange, compose, construct, curry, develop, devise, draft, dress, equip, fabricate, fashion, fit, formulate, foster, furnish, marshal, mobilize, outfit, prepare, prime, ready, set.
produce (verb)
cultivate, father, manufacture, mother.
social (verb)
structure (verb)
build, constitute, form, frame, shape, structure.

Other synonyms:

effectuate, trigger, Ingenerate, add up to, run to. add up, inaugurate, legislate, lead to. come out, enact, hatch, occasion, spawn, total, set off. get back, initiate, promulgate. get together, parent, tap. assemble, designate, gross. cover. arrive at
initiate, trigger.
result in.
carry on
carry out
lead to.
make up.
carry through, effectuate, get to.
spawn, set off.
pull in.
put together
take in.
Other relevant words:
approach, arrive at, attain, count, earn, effectuate, enact, gain, get, get to, have, occasion, reach, realize, take, work, make up, DO, HIT, enter into.

Usage examples for make

  1. " My dear, nothing has happened yet that need make you afraid. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. " You can make it from here," the Cytha said. – The World That Couldn't Be by Clifford Donald Simak
  3. I'll make it work. – Viking Boys by Jessie Margaret Edmondston Saxby