Synonyms for Irritate:


drive someone mad, madden. allergy, anaphylactic shock, redden, antigen, intolerance, allergic, itch, swell, intolerant, allergen, anaphylaxis, hypersensitive, erupt, hypoallergenic, burn. feelings, ruffle, bug. irritate (noun)
bother, gravel, chafe, annoy, vex, rile, nettle, nark, rag, get at, get to.


aggravate (verb)
badger, perturb, pester, needle, bedevil, discompose, rankle, nag, harry, exasperate, upset, enrage, antagonize, arouse, peeve, envenom, bait, trouble, exacerbate, infuriate.
chafe (verb)
disturb, chafe, grate, scrub, aggravate, abrade, rasp, rub, harass, fret, resist, wear, scrape, grind.
displease (verb)
aggrieve, disgust, anger, jar, provoke, displease, shock, rile, disappoint, repel, scandalize, offend.
hurt, chafe (verb)
itch, swell, rub, erupt, sting, redden.
irritate (verb)
annoy, pique, irk, vex, hassle, bother, acerbate, tease.
pain (verb)
anguish, hurt, distress, smart, agonize, stitch, inflame, cramp, discomfort, throe, sore, torture, throb, afflict, rack, suffer, wrench, torment, sting, ache, pain, crick.
upset, anger (verb)
bug, chafe, abrade, infuriate, grate, rankle, peeve, inflame, aggravate, disturb, irk, ruffle, provoke, annoy, offend, enrage, nettle, pester, pique, needle, bother, harass, burn, fret, pain, vex, rasp, exasperate, madden, rile.

Other synonyms:

madden. ruffle. bug. burn. aggravate
grate, get to.
Other relevant words:
feelings, ruffle, gravel, erupt, burn, allergy, hypersensitive, antigen, allergic, intolerant, rag, allergen, itch, nettle, madden, bug, anaphylaxis, redden, intolerance, hypoallergenic, swell, nark, get to, get at.

Usage examples for irritate

  1. She had put him beneath further notice, and yet every toss of her head, every movement of her hands, seemed meant for him, to irritate him. – A Cumberland Vendetta by John Fox, Jr.