Synonyms for Suit:


group, accessory, black, baggies, set, beachwear, black tie, series, combats, suite, civvies, casuals, coordinates. deck, trial, ace, jack, face card, card, heart, house of cards, diamond, club, deuce. court-martial, dissent, class action, court, livery, uniform, committal. measure up, come up to, speak for itself, fit in with, qualify, live up to, lend itself to something, match-up. commuter, duty officer, designated hitter, cowboy, career woman, breadwinner, desk person, auxiliary, apparatchik, ancillary. tone, feel/look like a million dollars/bucks, shine, be/look a picture, cut a fine/ridiculous etc. figure, be someone's type, beckon, catch someone's fancy, coordinate. why should I?, do you mind?, who asked you?, get lost. action (noun)
appeal, request (noun)
entreaty, courtship, petition, plea, wooing, court.
artifact (noun)
suit of clothes.
clothes (noun)
vesture, casuals.
clothing (noun)
hat, bowler, attire, shirt, pyjamas, petticoat, jumper, vesture, sweater, fez, turtle-neck, robe, nightgown, cape, camisole, homburg, trench coat, jersey, pants, kilt, pajamas, frock, stockings, pillbox, dress, caftan, blazer, headdress, afghan, crinoline, duds, sweat shirt, burnoose, boot, sarong, fur, greatcoat, doublet, kimono, gown, parka, sports coat, slacks, blue jeans, coat, fedora, shawl, mackintosh, habit, array, trimming, panties, housecoat, brassiere, blouse, chapeau, t-shirt, dressing gown, pull over, raincoat, ulster, poncho, outfit, shoes, stetson, topcoat, bathrobe, overcoat, smock, apparel, tunic, slicker, sari, raiment, clothing, garb, halter, wrapper, sweat suit, clothes, trousers, costume, cloak, pea coat, dinner jacket, corset, beret, v neck, evening gown, wrap, scarf, pinafore, shorts, smoking jacket, windbreaker, vestment, jacket, skirt, footgear, chemise, bonnet, tuxedo, ensemble, garment.
lawsuit (noun)
citation, indictment, lawsuit, grievance, action, hearing, litigation, summons, arraignment, affidavit, prosecution, allegation, count, implication, complaint, accusation, subpoena, case, writ, impeachment, charge.
legal action (noun)
lawsuit, cause, litigation, prosecution, trial, case.
legal proceeding (noun)
matching top and bottom clothing (noun)
ensemble, habit, dress, outfit, uniform, livery, clothing, tuxedo, costume.
plea (noun)
entreaty, appeal, justification, petition, excuse, defense, plea, explanation.
prosecute (noun)
sue, start legal proceedings, initiate a case.
rank (noun)
suit (noun)
case, beseem, suit of clothes, courtship, cause, become, courting, befit, lawsuit, wooing, causa, accommodate.


adapt, tailor (verb)
suit (verb)
fit, please, become, dovetail, satisfy, serve, benefit.
suits (verb)
morning dress, pantsuit, jumpsuit, leisure suit, safari suit, catsuit, body stocking, morning suit, business suit.

Other synonyms:

fit in with, come up to, measure up, live up to. beckon, match-up, qualify. shine. coordinate. tone. answer
measure up.

Usage examples for suit

  1. It doesn't suit him. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. Will that suit yer riverence? – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  3. How beautiful she looked in her pretty white suit – Good Luck by L. T. Meade