Synonyms for Responsible:


accountable, in charge (adjective)
censurable, open, chargeable, tied, duty-bound, obliged, guilty, obligated, culpable, engaged, at fault, liable, at the helm, answerable, bound, pledged, held, in control, executive, constrained, subject, bonded.
attentive (adjective)
rapt, intent, concerned, fascinated, heedful, interested, diligent, watchful, alert, observing, sharp, Considering, absorbed, mindful, observant, enraptured, regardful, engrossed, Immersed, Concentrating, attentive, Scrutinizing, Hearkening, entranced, careful, cautious, vigilant.
causative (adjective)
germinal, causative, pivotal, generative, effective, formative, causal, influential, executive, motivational.
reliable (adjective)
sane (adjective)
susceptible (adjective)
prone, susceptible, likely, liable, vulnerable, apt, open.
trustworthy, mature (adjective)
self-reliant, dutiful, sensible, tried, capable, sound, efficient, qualified, dependable, faithful, reliable, conscientious, able, steady, trusty, stable, rational, loyal, competent, upright, effective, steadfast, firm.
vigilant (adjective)
alert, regardful, prudent, scrupulous, fussy, meticulous, precise, guarded, observant, fastidious, heedful, prepared, particular, conscientious, provident, vigilant, attentive, mindful, careful, diligent, sharp-eyed, exacting, finical, thorough, thoughtful, ready, cautious, strict, watchful.


realistic, law, Grounded, pragmatic, logical, practical, balanced, sensible, mature, Clear-headed. at the helm, sound, supervisory, solid, in control, in charge (of), on top, trust, what someone says goes. responsible (noun)
liable, responsible for, creditworthy, causative, trustworthy, answerable, judicious.

Other synonyms:

culpable, duty-bound, supervisory, reliable. competent, guilty, able. dependable, amenable. solid. stable. firm. liable
chargeable, accountable.
Other relevant words:
rational, loyal, capable, bound, engaged, answerable, at the helm, stable, creditworthy, subject, in control, bonded, qualified, chargeable, held, balanced, supervisory, competent, trusty, pledged, culpable, judicious, accountable, dependable, able, efficient, sensible, logical, sound, responsible for, trustworthy, dutiful, amenable, constrained, self-reliant, steadfast, faithful, firm, honest, tried, duty-bound, censurable, solid, obligated, Clear-headed, upright, tied, guilty, at fault, steady, obliged, reliable, practical.

Usage examples for responsible

  1. And I feel responsible for you. – If by Lord Dunsany [Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron]
  2. " I make myself responsible said Lord de la Poer. – Countess Kate by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. If he did not do this, he was responsible for what followed. – The Campaign of Chancellorsville by Theodore A. Dodge