Synonyms for Handbill:


banner, advert, bumper sticker, billboard, classified ad, banner ad, advertorial. bulletin (noun)
circular, advertisement, flier, pamphlet.
handbill (noun)
broadside, bill, throwaway, circular, flier, flyer, broadsheet.
leaflet (noun)
poster (noun)
publication (noun)
gazette, advertisement, journal, journalism, commercial, bulletin, promulgation, notice, review, dissemination, newsletter, herald, newspaper, brief, promotion, organ, announcement, circular, newsmagazine, propaganda, broadcast, report, periodical, post, publication.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
broadsheet, advert, throwaway, pamphlet, bill, broadside, billboard, flyer, flier.

Usage examples for handbill

  1. This crowd was noisy and bustling and inclined to quarrel: full of plans and inventions to judge by the talk, and eager to discuss and find fault with the contents of a handbill which one of their number was handing about. – The Strange Story Book by Mrs. Andrew Lang