Synonyms for Promise:


asseveration, plight, tip off, preview, word of honor, foretaste, betrothal, signal, commitment, indication, parole, espousal, litmus test, troth, swearing, profession, symptom. prophecy, precognition, premonition, presentiment, undertake, prediction, engage. give (someone) your word, vouchsafe, commit. possibility, sporting chance, solemn word, likelihood, potentiality, guaranty, probability, future, threat, chance. tomorrow is another day, potential, history will show/record/judge etc., the best/worst is yet to come, what the future holds, prospect, futuristic. affirmation (noun)
confirmation, affirmation, warranty, avowal, pronouncement, acknowledgment, certification, assertion, declaration, attestation, oath, endorsement, testimony, statement, submission, admission, corroboration, assurance, verification, validation, approval, ratification, proclamation.
agreement (noun)
compact, accord, understanding, bond, deal, acceptance, capitulation, acquiescence, concordance, arrangement, consensus, concurrence, stipulation, pact, settlement, accession, concord, agreement, unanimity, treaty, accordance, empathy, covenant.
cognition (noun)
expectation (noun)
prediction, likelihood.
guarantee (noun)
token, countersignature, lien, security, word, insurance, collateral.
guaranty (noun)
hope, possibility (noun)
potential, outlook, encouragement.
marriage (noun)
troth, betrothal.
obligation (noun)
one's word that something will be done (noun)
guarantee, insurance, token, undertaking, warranty, commitment, bond, consent, stipulation, security, swear, oath, espousal, affirmation, assurance, pact, parole, troth, swearing, profession, covenant, obligation, plight, pledge, avowal, engagement, word of honor, agreement, vow, asseveration, warrant, compact, contract, betrothal, word.
promise (noun)
forebode, obligation, foretell, mutual agreement, assure, call, predict, prognosticate, anticipate, engagement, hope.
promises (noun)
word of honor (noun)


affirm (verb)
admit, profess, pronounce, validate, avouch, assert, maintain, warrant, ratify, submit, declare, certify, verify, corroborate, express, proclaim, contend, adjure, propound, state, attest, testify, set down, acknowledge, support, sustain, aver, assure, claim.
agree (verb)
capitulate, agree, conform, contract, cooperate, accept, empathize, concur, sanction, assent, welcome, pledge, acquiesce, affirm, approve, accede, consent, stipulate, bless, endorse.
bring hope, possibility (verb)
communication (verb)
endeavor (verb)
give word that something will be done (verb)
declare, assure, ensure, engage, assent, agree, insure, profess, accede, commit, affirm, stipulate, undertake, vouch, secure.
guarantee (verb)
secure, ensure, insure, safeguard, vouch, guarantee, countersign.
hope (verb)
sign, outlook, encouragement.
promise (verb)
vow, swear.

Other synonyms:

precognition, foretaste, word of honor, premonition, indication, troth, commitment, potentiality, sporting chance, solemn word, likelihood, symptom, presentiment. litmus test, outlook, potential, futuristic. threat, possibility, prophecy, prospect, tip off, preview, chance. sign. signal, future, engage. commit. agree
Other relevant words:
likelihood, encouragement, signal, profession, solemn word, prognosticate, potential, forebode, indication, sign, anticipate, foretaste, espousal, undertake, parole, probability, prediction, undertaking, betrothal, vouchsafe, precognition, word of honor, presentiment, prophecy, commitment, plight, troth, hope, future, asseveration, commit, predict, guaranty, outlook, call, swearing, potentiality, possibility, prospect, foretell, engage.

Usage examples for promise

  1. I did give a promise which I cannot now keep. – Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope
  2. A great saying, I promise you. – The Pharisee And The Publican by John Bunyan
  3. Yes, he answered; I'll promise that. – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss