Synonyms for Instigate:


start-off, bring about, form, make, catalyze, invent, inaugurate, create. galvanize, pique, spur, excite, cause, work up. instigate (noun)
prompt, set off, stir up, inspire, incite.
prompt (noun)
study at incite.


communication (verb)
prompt, set off, stir up, inspire, incite.
influence, provoke (verb)
bring about, stir up, prompt, urge, encourage, incite, move, spur, goad, work up, stimulate, foment, impel.
motivate (verb)
jog, trigger, shove, hasten, nudge, motivate, bump, propel, stimulate, thrust, urge, entice, jostle, impel, prompt, poke, ram, punch, launch, sling, encourage, shoot, magnetize, foment, induce, catapult, prod, energize, drive, goad, fling, provoke, move, strike, push, force, throw, hurtle, fire, knock, ferment, inspire, lob, hurl, pitch, jolt, heave, jerk.

Other synonyms:

pique, galvanize. begin
egg on
stir up.
set off.
work up
work up.
Other relevant words:
galvanize, excite, inaugurate, pique, stir up, work up, spur, create, bring about, incite, cause.

Usage examples for instigate

  1. He may instigate a strike, and if the larder isn't full, you'll starve." – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown