Synonyms for Collect:


all (adjective)


ascertain, concentrate, consolidate, determine, establish, find, uncover, read up on. cash in, flock, monetize, recover, claim back. buy up, cull, raise, solicit, stockpile, scrape together. blanket, bury, coat, cover, crown, handle, insulate, manage, negotiate, settle, smother, top, wrap. besiege, call, close up, cluster, cozy up, crowd, huddle, summon, round up, clump together. accrue, agglomerate, go for, hive. keep, reserve, retain, save, set-aside. contain, control, cool, restraint, simmer down. collect (noun)
accumulate, amass, call for, compile, congregate, due, garner, gather, gather up, hoard, owed, pile up, pull together, COD.
increase (noun)


accumulate, come together (verb)
aggregate, amass, assemble, cluster, compile, congregate, convene, convoke, flock, gather, group, heap, hoard, muster, save, stockpile, round up.
acquire (verb)
accumulate, add, assume, buy, claim, corner, fetch, garner, heap, incur, land, lure, net, obtain, palm, pocket, purchase, receive, retrieve, secure, win, wrangle.
collect (verb)
aggregate, assemble, band, bunch, collate, compose, group, mix.
congregate (verb)
congregate, convene, meet, muster.
convoke (verb)
assemble, convene, convoke, gather, muster.
list (verb)
account, audit, book, budget, catalog, check, chronicle, count, detail, digest, document, enumerate, file, index, inventory, invoice, itemize, list, log, note, record, recount, register, schedule, score, store, summarize, table, tabulate, tally, total, Journalize.
obtain (money) (verb)
acquire, raise, secure, solicit.
take (verb)
abduct, acquire, amass, annex, appropriate, bag, capture, catch, commandeer, confiscate, deprive, gather, get, grab, harvest, impound, levy, monopolize, nab, procure, reap, take, usurp.

Other synonyms:

agglomerate, concentrate, monetize, raise, claim back, scrape together. cash in, cull, hive, recover, retain, stockpile, round up. cluster, save, set-aside. contain, control. flock. crowd. cool. call. go for. reserve. keep. bring together
simmer down.
assemble, flock.
gather up, take.
Other relevant words:
accrue, agglomerate, buy up, call, call for, cluster, compile, concentrate, congregate, consolidate, contain, control, cool, cover, crowd, cull, due, find, flock, gather up, handle, hive, hoard, huddle, keep, manage, negotiate, owed, pile up, pull together, raise, recover, reserve, retain, save, simmer down, smother, solicit, stockpile, summon, COD, scrape together.

Usage examples for collect

  1. She was about to answer severely, but as she stood looking at him her thoughts yielded before an extraordinary feeling of delight; she tried in vain to collect her scattered mind- she wished to reproach him. – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  2. Spare me this moment; I must collect myself. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  3. She stood motionless with the chill night air blowing in upon her, trying to collect her thoughts, trying to bring herself to face and consider the matter before she made her decision. – The Bars of Iron by Ethel May Dell