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crackpot - 186 results
lunatic (adjective)

fiendish, neurotic, crazy, lunatic, nutty, psychotic, kooky, mad.

Examples of usage:

In spite of the fact that the label was literally true, it sounded so crackpot that no one but a crackpot would bother to look into it. - "Psichopath", Gordon Randall Garrett.

At Garlock's request, all sixteen members of the " crackpot" group- the most active members of the Deep Space Club- had been invited to the banquet. - "The Galaxy Primes", Edward Elmer Smith.

No one wrapped up in massive fuel consumption, tons of lift and such is going to have time to worry about a crackpot who thinks he has found a minor slip in Newton's laws. - "Toy Shop", Henry Maxwell Dempsey.

Similar words:

crackers, crackled, cracking, crampon, cracked, crackle, cracker, crackle china, cracker bonbon, cracker-barrel.

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