Synonyms for Go through:


criminalize, amendment, abolish, come in, bring in, codify, decriminalize, amend, backdate, abrogate. search, award, bar, charge, bring in a verdict, acquit, citation, annul, audit, investigate, call for, acquittal. survive, get on with, endure, suffer, get ahead, advance, get along, break through, withstand, forge ahead, progress, plod along, outpace. read for, dress rehearsal, audition, recast, miscast, pay, the casting couch, casting, expend, cast. feast on, overeat, snarf, feed your face, mainline, feast, put away, pig out, binge. incur, come under, be in the grip of something, be in dire/desperate straits, not know where/which way to turn. as is someone's wont, routine, custom, daily life, tendency, way of life, common practice, ritual, take to, habit. pick through, probe, search out, look for, look out for, scavenge, hunt down, seek out. cross someone's mind, occupy, enter your mind/head, flash, occur to, strike, dawn, think. go through (noun)
see, go across, devour, put through, down, carry out, experience, consume, undergo, work through, pass, run-through, implement.


endure (verb)
experience, suffer, undergo, survive, withstand.
search (verb)
audit, investigate.
use up (verb)

Other synonyms:

search out, overeat, seek out, occur to, the casting couch, audition, read for, dress rehearsal, miscast, pick through, feast on, casting. come under, hunt down, look out for, endure, scavenge, incur, binge, recast. look for, mainline. put away, suffer, search, dawn. pay. feast, occupy, probe. cast. think. flash. strike. consume
run through
look for, search.
use up
Other relevant words:
survive, investigate, audit, suffer, probe, search, withstand, expend, pay, endure.