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coating - 67 results
Examples of usage:

" Oh, yes, of course, uncle," replied Glynne; and they continued along the side path for about a quarter of a mile, before crossing a fir wood, whose trunks rose up like so many ruddy, grey- bronze columns, while the ground was made slippery by the thick coating of pine needles beneath their feet. - "The Star-Gazers", George Manville Fenn.

She had a new coating of wax on her face and she was as beautiful as ever. - "Raggedy Ann Stories", Johnny Gruelle.

By the next morning the poster was unrecognizable under a coating of dried reddish spots and was ignominiously removed, to the delight of Stover, whose illusions were thus preserved, as well as his secret. - "The Varmint", Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger.

Similar words:

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