Synonyms for Coating:


membrane, paint, plate, surface. artifact (noun)
coating (noun)
coat, finish, covering, finishing, application.
covering (noun)
dermis, layer, patina, covering, cloak, sheath, wrapping, film, finish, overlay, shroud, canopy, membrane, veil, screening, veneer, coat, envelope, sheet, skin, blanket, mask, casing.
crust (noun)
sheet, film, layer.
skin (noun)
dermis, skin.


covering (verb)
sheathing, Overlaying, encasing, enshrouding, veiling, enveloping, Cloaking, Blanketing, masking.
layering (verb)
leveling, Layering, Laminating, Stratifying, grading.

Other synonyms:

film. stratum
Other relevant words:
finish, plate, layer, membrane, sheet, film, surface, application, paint, finishing.

Usage examples for coating

  1. She had a new coating of wax on her face and she was as beautiful as ever. – Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle
  2. By the next morning the poster was unrecognizable under a coating of dried reddish spots and was ignominiously removed, to the delight of Stover, whose illusions were thus preserved, as well as his secret. – The Varmint by Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger