Synonyms for Snip:


finely, etch, cut-up, cut out, hack. act (noun)
clip, clipping.
artifact (noun)
snippet, snipping.
clip (noun)
particle (noun)
snip (noun)
trim, snipping, nip, crop, snip off, clip, prune, snippet, nip off, clipping, cut back, lop, dress.


abridge (verb)
chop, curtail.
chip (verb)
clip (verb)
crop, prune, cut back.
crop (verb)
reject (verb)
discard, clip, drain, erupt, vomit, shear, eliminate, discharge, deny, trash, cut, evacuate, exude, excise, disallow, blacklist, blackball, exhaust, shed, emit, seep, curtail, scrap, deep-six, exclude, abandon, disclaim, crop, jettison, oppugn, check, excrete, lop, reject, jilt, eject, vent, belch, disapprove, chop, junk, spew, bar, cull, disgorge, secrete.
snip (verb)
nip, trim, clip, shear, slice, cut.

Other synonyms:

cut short

Usage examples for snip

  1. Juana, without pens, ink, or paper, was replying by snip of scissors. – Juana by Honore de Balzac
  2. Two out of the six actually done: The Beharistan and The Gulistan, and the whole of the nine still in manuscript, might, after a snip or two with the scissors, be read aloud in almost any company. – The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wright