Synonyms for Wickedness:


evil (adjective)


Peccancy, wrong, right. flagitiousness, clean, bestiality, turpitude. Diablerie, misdeed, deviltry, wrongdoing. crime (noun)
Peccancy, immorality, criminality.
enormity (noun)
monstrosity, vileness.
evil (noun)
evil, bane, repulsiveness, Repellency, abomination, foulness, damnation, heinousness, nefariousness, monstrosity, offensiveness, hideousness, sinisterness, terribleness, atrocity, detriment, disgrace, badness, calamitousness, reprehensibleness, mischief, sinfulness.
guilt (noun)
malevolence (noun)
hurtfulness, hatred, malignancy, cattiness, animosity, bitterness, viciousness, maliciousness, antagonism, hatefulness, venom, virulence, corrosiveness, ill nature, spitefulness, malevolence, nastiness, malice, meanness.
sinfulness (noun)
sin, evil, immorality, depravity, vice, atrocity, deviltry, iniquity.
sunfulness (noun)
vice (noun)
Damnability, perverseness, evildoing, sadism, debasement, baseness, obnoxiousness, immorality, corruption, sin, feloniousness, iniquitousness, blackness, villainousness, perversion, impropriety, debauchery, degeneration, vice, depravity, criminality, blameworthiness, indecency.
wickedness (noun)
evil, iniquity, vileness, nefariousness, dark, sinfulness, darkness, immorality, sin.

Other synonyms:

flagitiousness, Diablerie, bestiality, wrongdoing, Peccancy. turpitude. deviltry. Other relevant words:
Peccancy, turpitude, vileness, clean, flagitiousness, bestiality, dark, wrongdoing, right, deviltry, Diablerie, darkness, iniquity, blasphemy, wrong, misdeed.

Usage examples for wickedness

  1. He thought that whatever wickedness he had been guilty of might have been forgiven, and he began to feel that if he had known how his mother would receive him he would not have come home. – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  2. The German women hated us far more even than did the men; nor did those who, like Elizabeth, knew England, fail to believe any the less the German stories of English wickedness – Sketches of the East Africa Campaign by Robert Valentine Dolbey
  3. No holiness is won by any other means than this, that wickedness should be slain day by day, and hour by hour. – Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V) by Alexander Maclaren