Synonyms for Delight:


enthuse, attract, intrigue, dazzle, inspire, motivate, excite, fire someone with enthusiasm. binge, exult, change, activity, blast, escapism, crowd pleaser, rejoice, happy. eat up, like, enthusiasm, joie de vivre, wonder, adore, anticipation, dote on, groove on, excitement. tickle, Overjoy, gladden. cheerfulness (noun)
joie de vivre.
cognition (noun)
joy, pleasure.
delight (noun)
enjoy, joy, pleasure, please, revel, delectation.
enjoyment (noun)
study at pleasure.
enjoyment, happiness (noun)
ecstasy, joy, gladness, jollity, relish, pleasure, satisfaction, contentment, rapture, delectation, gratification.
pleasure (noun)
complaisance, relish, cheerfulness, Bonniness, sunniness, bliss, gladness, gaiety, satisfaction, cheer, agreeability, rapture, joy, euphoria, exhilaration, jollity, pleasure, enthrallment, well-being, ecstasy, brightness, joyfulness, gratification, entertainment, happiness, enjoyment, contentment, amusement.
satisfaction (noun)


emotion (verb)
make happy; experience happiness (verb)
charm, amuse, attract, divert, gratify, cheer, please, rejoice, entertain, satisfy, gladden, exult.
please (verb)
gratify, satisfy, exhilarate.

Other synonyms:

binge, joie de vivre, escapism, anticipation, change, excite, crowd pleaser, Overjoy, wonder. blast, gladden, activity, excitement, tickle, rejoice, enthusiasm. adore. amuse
Other relevant words:
excite, enjoy, adore, eat up, rejoice, delectation, joie de vivre, activity, enthusiasm, intrigue, groove on, inspire, wonder, like, revel, binge, escapism, exult, anticipation, attract, gladden, happy, excitement, tickle, dote on, change, Overjoy.

Usage examples for delight

  1. There was a particular way of giving them their food, in which we used to take great delight – The Boy Tar by Mayne Reid
  2. The tale is well told and the children will delight in it. – John and Betty's History Visit by Margaret Williamson
  3. Both father and son rushed to the door, and to their delight they found not only Mr. Bolitho but his daughter as well. – The Day of Judgment by Joseph Hocking