Synonyms for Benefit:


nurse, get through, guide, help out, get behind, for a good or worthy cause, give. assurance, broker, actuarial, interest, comprehensive, actuary, adjuster, collision damage waiver, carrier, contributory. used, use, incentive, trump card, account, privilege, edge, virtue. child benefit, dole, assisted living, grace, social security, good turn, means test, kindness, child support, the social, indulgence. fundraising, carnival, fundraiser, funfair, bazaar, bake sale, flag day. flexible benefits, company car, double time, expenses, combat pay, expense account, commission, flow-on. seize an opportunity/chance, make capital out of something, grasp, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, exploit, jump at, get, take advantage of something. advantage, profit (noun)
favor, welfare, avail, prosperity, blessing, aid, profit, gain, boon, assistance, help, use, interest, account, good.
aid (noun)
sustenance, assistance, service, encouragement, relief, attendant, motivation, ministration, agency, Mothering, endowment.
assist (noun)
attribute (noun)
benefit (noun)
gain, welfare, boon, prosperity, do good, blessing, promotion, good, furtherance, bonus, profit, success, progress, advantage, improvement.
event to raise money (noun)
goodness (noun)
goodness, niceness, benignity, Laudability, praiseworthiness, excellence, fineness, Splendidness, pleasantness, worthiness.
prosperity (noun)
serviceableness (noun)
utility (noun)
suitability, utility, helpfulness, usefulness, merit, advantageousness, serviceability, instrumentality, fittingness, functionality, appropriateness, practicality, facilitation.


aid (verb)
sustain, encourage, support, facilitate, serve, abet, aid, relieve, foster, help, tend, attend, minister, motivate, mother, endow, assist, fund.
assist (verb)
favor, succor, avail, uphold, back.
help, enhance (verb)
relieve, serve, advantage, succor, assist.
possession (verb)
profit, gain.
suit (verb)
suit, fit, dovetail, satisfy, become, please.

Other synonyms:

child benefit, virtue, child support, incentive, assisted living, adjuster, get through, guide, edge, get behind, fundraising, social security, good turn, actuary, contributory, jump at, help out, broker, dole, privilege, flexible benefits, company car, actuarial, bake sale, means test, combat pay, collision damage waiver, bazaar, expense account. trump card, double time, indulgence, flow-on, carrier, assurance, give, kindness, fundraiser, exploit, flag day, carnival. comprehensive. grasp. grace, account. commission. get. advantage
Other relevant words:
account, exploit, edge, interest, social security, give, kindness, welfare, adjuster, fundraising, bazaar, get, good turn, benignity, grace, contributory, indulgence, carnival, privilege, actuarial, dole, do good, carrier, use, grasp, virtue, assurance, fundraiser.

Usage examples for benefit

  1. " Give yourself the benefit of every doubt. – Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  2. How will it benefit – The Soul of Man by Oscar Wilde
  3. " Friends of Earth, we must tell our strange story quickly for the benefit of your world as well as ours, and others, too. – Invaders from the Infinite by John Wood Campbell