Synonyms for Topcoat:


bomber jacket, duffel coat, bolero, dj, anorak. creosote, distemper, drop cloth, masking tape, grout, gloss paint, paintbrush, paint, gloss. clothing (noun)
ensemble, vesture, trench coat, hat, v neck, headdress, turtle-neck, homburg, clothes, chapeau, fez, mackintosh, cloak, pyjamas, garb, overcoat, sports coat, jersey, dressing gown, caftan, trimming, pants, t-shirt, sweat shirt, fedora, habit, sweat suit, housecoat, smoking jacket, array, jumper, garment, kimono, stetson, pea coat, robe, jacket, scarf, blouse, stockings, pillbox, wrapper, parka, crinoline, tuxedo, poncho, wrap, tunic, blazer, bonnet, skirt, greatcoat, attire, pull over, raincoat, halter, sweater, duds, brassiere, afghan, windbreaker, ulster, pajamas, apparel, shoes, slicker, shawl, sarong, raiment, coat, outfit, costume, burnoose, dress, camisole, pinafore, bowler, kilt, cape, panties, blue jeans, beret, boot, corset, fur, chemise, doublet, sari, shorts, nightgown, clothing, footgear, shirt, slacks, suit, bathrobe, smock, petticoat, dinner jacket, evening gown, gown, frock, vestment, trousers.
coat (noun)
greatcoat, anorak, frock, cape, cloak, tuxedo, raincoat, wrap, slicker, ulster, windbreaker, overcoat, suit, jacket.
enamel (noun)
overcoat (noun)
parka, duster, raglan, topper, spring coat, fall coat.
topcoat (noun)
overcoat, surcoat, greatcoat.

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Other relevant words:
dj, anorak, surcoat, gloss, distemper, paint, bolero, paintbrush, duster, raglan, creosote, topper, grout.

Usage examples for topcoat

  1. Wears different tie, good fall topcoat not new. – Class of '29 by Orrie Lashin and Milo Hastings
  2. A big man was standing outside in a topcoat hat in hand. – Prologue to an Analogue by Leigh Richmond