Synonyms for Diffuse:


catholic (adjective)
diluted (adjective)
scattered (adjective)
dispersed, evanescent, disorderly, disconnected, disjoint, scattered, Diffractive, distributed, dislocated, separated, Refracted, detached, divergent, Radiated, Disintegrated.
shapeless (adjective)
featureless, indistinct, amorphous, formless, indefinite, indeterminate, shapeless, chaotic, characterless.
spread out (adjective)
distributed, Radiated, dispersed, scattered, thin, separated, broadcast, widespread.
talkative (adjective)
widespread (adjective)
all over the place.
wordy (adjective)
prolix, discursive, verbose.


nationwide, worldwide, countrywide, thin, ubiquitous, widespread, all over the place, far-flung, generalized. ration out, double up, share, discursive, redistribute, pool, divide, wordy, switch off, verbose. crisp, clean, economical, articulate, declamatory, conversational, chatty, wide, move, strew. gleam, flash, light, blaze, glow, glare, flare, catch the light, shine, sparkle. spill over, run, sprawl. diffuse (noun)
distribute, circulate, circularize, broadcast, fan out, disperse, interpenetrate, pass around, prolix, pervade, spread-out, imbue, circularise, propagate, disseminate, permeate, distributed, spread, penetrate.


motion (verb)
fan out, spread.
scatter (verb)
disperse, diffract, distribute, disburse, evaporate, evanesce, dissolve, diverge, radiate, separate, disorder, dislocate, refract, dole, disconnect, disintegrate, detach, scatter.

Other synonyms:

discursive, countrywide, spill over, chatty, nationwide, declamatory, conversational, worldwide, ubiquitous, widespread. generalized, far-flung, strew. wide, articulate, wordy. clean. run. expand
fan out.
spread out
Other relevant words:
fan out, divide, widespread, disseminate, circularize, generalized, broadcast, imbue, circulate, permeate, declamatory, interpenetrate, prolix, far-flung, circularise, run, discursive, thin, propagate, wide, nationwide, strew, light, spread, pervade, crisp, verbose, wordy, pass around, articulate, penetrate.

Usage examples for diffuse

  1. This contributes to diffuse information relative to the supply of raw materials, and the state of demand for their produce, with which it is necessary manufacturers should be well acquainted. – On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures by Charles Babbage
  2. Its office, or rather one of its chief offices on earth, is to diffuse through the world, regardless of condition or possessions or talent or opportunity, sympathy and a recognition of the value of manhood underlying every lot and every diversity- a value not measured by earthly accidents, but by heavenly standards. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner
  3. In vain had he tried to combine personal peace with impersonal thought, to confine his body to a garret and to diffuse his soul through the world. – Dreamers of the Ghetto by I. Zangwill