Synonyms for Conversational:


colloquial (adjective)
vernacular, informal, casual, idiomatic, slang, colloquial.
talkative (adjective)
informal, chatty, gabby, casual, voluble, garrulous, colloquial, loquacious, talky.


circuitous, Confabulatory, discursive, crisp, articulate, declamatory, diffuse, economical, clean, words, chatty. waffle, garrulous, heart-to-heart, loquacious, gossip, repartee, chatter, voluble, small talk, gabby, talky, banter, conversation, chat, schmooze, talkative. conversational (noun)
colloquial, casual, informal, chatty.

Other synonyms:

Confabulatory, gabby, circuitous, discursive, talky, declamatory. diffuse, articulate. clean. talkative.

Usage examples for conversational

  1. Mr. Stanton was then in his prime, a fine- looking, affable young man, with remarkable conversational talent, and was ten years my senior, with the advantage that number of years necessarily gives. – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  2. " Single speech Hamilton," as he was called, behaved badly to Burke and was, it seems, widely distrusted; but Johnson maintained a life- long friendship with him, and had a high opinion of his conversational powers. – Dr. Johnson and His Circle by John Bailey