Synonyms for Prolific:


all (adjective)
fertile, fecund.
creative (adjective)
innovative, productive, creative, original, conceptive, imaginative, fertile, ingenious, visionary, resourceful, constructive, inventive.
fruitful, productive (adjective)
teeming, yielding, fecund, fertile, breeding, creative, bountiful.
pregnant (adjective)
productive (adjective)
fertile, bountiful, lush, constructive, fecund, fruitful, yielding, creative, productive, parturient, profitable, pregnant, executive, teeming.
vigorous (adjective)
fiery, ablaze, exuberant, frisky, passionate, hearty, zippy, fervent, virile, lusty, energetic, afire, powerful, excited, strong, spirited, mettlesome, emphatic, earnest, ardent, strenuous, zealous, impassioned, sprightly, animated, active, enthusiastic, vigorous, potent, eager, puissant, burning, industrious, peppy, zestful, lively, full-blooded, agitated.


draftsmanship, commission, cherub, effect, flavor, homage, format, aesthetic, composition, legend. breeding, breeder, asexual reproduction, estrus, couple, Proliferous, breeding ground, courtship, breed. decisive, deciding, causal, formative, effective, instrumental, driving, enabling, causative. predominant, numerous, common, Familiar, prevalent, be everywhere, prevailing, rife, diffuse.

Other synonyms:

prevalent, rife, Proliferous, numerous. prevailing, predominant. Familiar. Other relevant words:
predominant, diffuse, breeding, prevailing, prevalent, yielding, rife, bountiful, formative, Proliferous.

Usage examples for prolific

  1. It was the elder and more observant of the two who first attempted to represent his young brother, the one who was to be the greater artist of the pair, as if the compact had already been entered upon, as if both by tacit consent accepted the prolific life in common, then only at its dawn. – Renée Mauperin by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
  2. Thus, the unique Highway through the Nations afforded a prolific source for sight- seeing, and furthermore, was a sore trial to our organs of hearing. – By Water to the Columbian Exposition by Johanna S. Wisthaler
  3. I married to be absurd; for marriage is one of the most brilliant absurdities ever invented by a prolific imagination. – The Green Carnation by Robert Smythe Hichens