Synonyms for Indulgent:


agreeable (adjective)
forgiving (adjective)
gluttonous (adjective)
boundless, insatiable, hoggish, omnivorous, voracious, immoderate, wolfish, extravagant, intemperate, overindulgent, excessive, rapacious, gluttonous, piggish, crapulent, greedy.
intemperate (adjective)
dissipated, excessive, orgiastic, Luxuriating, self-indulgent, carousing, intemperate, sensual, debauched.
lenient, giving (adjective)
clement, fond, charitable, permissive, merciful, favorable, tolerant, kind, complaisant, forbearing.
parental (adjective)
maternal, patriarchal.
paternal (adjective)
benevolent, maternal, fatherly, solicitous, paternal, patriarchal.
soft (adjective)
voluptuous (adjective)
wasteful (adjective)
lavish, thriftless, profligate, unrestrained, gluttonous, profuse, immoderate, overflowing, unconstrained, overindulgent, overabundant, extravagant, pound-foolish, wasteful, opulent, prodigal.


light touch, brotherly, abusive, conveyor belt, exploitative, nurturance, ingratiating, demeaning. accommodating, complaisant, agreeable, willing, help, obliging. accept, clement, charitable, tolerant, forbearing, merciful. indulgent (noun)
epicurean, pampering, intemperate, card-playing, hedonistic, favorable, favourable, self-indulgent, dissipated, voluptuous, betting, lenient, effete, voluptuary, gambling, lax, luxurious, sporting, sybaritic, soft, permissive, hedonic, decadent.
permissive (noun)
tolerant, fond, kind.

Other synonyms:

conveyor belt, exploitative, brotherly, ingratiating, merciful, nurturance, demeaning. complaisant, forbearing, accommodating, obliging. tolerant, abusive, charitable. clement. agreeable. tender

Usage examples for indulgent

  1. Old Mr. Delamere, who was watching his grandson and Clara with an indulgent smile, proceeded to rub salt into Ellis's wounds. – The Marrow of Tradition by Charles W. Chesnutt
  2. " He shouldn't want what he can't get then," smiled Rosamond, indulgent as far as Patricia was concerned. – Miss Pat at Artemis Lodge by Pemberton Ginther
  3. She cast about with an indulgent air for something new. – My Little Sister by Elizabeth Robins