Synonyms for Pastel:


muted in color (adjective)
delicate, light.


caricature, abstract, design, collage, bas relief, representation, diptych, aquatint, daub. canvas, tint, enamel, hue, chalk, crepe paper, fixative, crayon, tinge, brush, easel, color, tone, acrylic, airbrush. drawing (noun)
doodle, masterpiece, diagram, scene, portrait, landscape, charcoal, cartoon, tracing, sketch, study, blueprint, painting, still life, picture, plan, drawing, illustration, depiction, Water color, rendering.
pastel (noun)
delicate, light-colored, light.

Other synonyms:

crayon. Other relevant words:
brush, chalk, canvas, light-colored, design, enamel, tone, crayon, light, representation, fixative, delicate, tint, easel, tinge, hue.

Usage examples for pastel

  1. I suppose it was these pleasant remembrances which made me wish for the shoes, but I could not summon up courage enough to buy them, and the horrid people were comparing me with the pastel I suppose I did look a little mysterious with a double veil bound across my face. – Confessions of a Young Man by George Moore
  2. Hither, on the artists' day, came Ivan and his former circle, to enjoy the success of a young Polish student, whose three pictures- two oils and a pastel portrait, were destined to become the sensation of the exhibit. – The Genius by Margaret Horton Potter