Synonyms for Consonance:


rapport, agree, concordance. beautiful, symphony. agreement (noun)
agreement, consistency (noun)
concert, tune, conformity, accord, concord, harmony.
communication (noun)
consonant rhyme.
compatibility (noun)
consonance (noun)
consonant rhyme, harmoniousness.
harmony (noun)
agreement, symphony, harmony, accord, euphony, peace.
melody (noun)
tune, tunefulness, song, concert, melody, harmoniousness, theme, motive, ditty, concord.
uniformity (noun)
constancy, likeness, steadiness, monotony, conformity, conformance, consistency, seamlessness, evenness, uniformity, regularity, sameness, homogeneity, alikeness, invariability.

Other synonyms:

concordance. rapport. Other relevant words:
concordance, rapport, consonant rhyme, symphony, concert.

Usage examples for consonance

  1. To this definition, Worcester prefixes the following: " The consonance of measure and time in poetry, prose composition, and music;- also in dancing." – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown