Synonyms for Occupy:


conquer, board, settle down, come from, live, settle, arrive. empty, tenant, admission, extend, go over to, entrance, pervade, inaugurate, maintain, permeate, belong to, co-opt, From, control, keep, remain, sit, DUES. monopolize, annex, subdue, utilize, storm, suppress, attend, fascinate, subjugate, besiege. exist, belong, people, lie, stand, set, place, concentrate, there is/are etc.. overwork, work, push, attack, keep someone busy, overload, stretch, swamp. go through, preempt, flash, tie up, dawn, enter your mind/head, occur to, used, run, cross someone's mind, think, action. excite.


bury (verb)
capture (verb)
capture, secure, abduct, snare, arrest, collar, seize, obtain, gain, take, achieve, win, catch, get, apprehend.
conquer (verb)
achieve, annex.
disarm (verb)
subdue, subjugate.
inhabit (verb)
occupy (verb)
house, colonize, reside, dwell, quarter, lodge, billet, roost, stay, inhabit, squat.
reside; use (verb)
maintain, people, keep, remain, inhabit, tenant, sit, populate, permeate, stay, pervade, dwell.
seize, take over (verb)
obtain, conquer, invade, capture.

Other synonyms:

concentrate, subdue, conquer, annex, suppress, belong, monopolize, sit. overwork, storm, besiege, swamp, preempt. dawn, overload. lie. stretch, keep, live. think. go through. push, stand. work. flash. run. set. live in

Usage examples for occupy

  1. You have no object in life; there is nothing to occupy your attention, and sooner or later your feelings must master you. – Uncle Vanya by Anton Checkov
  2. She squeezed, however, her kind friend's hand, when she promised to go to the inquest with her, and seemed grateful when she was told that she should not return to Ballycloran, but should again occupy her old quarters at Drumsna. – The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope
  3. I believe they do as a people occupy a low place, and yet not nearly so low as might have been anticipated. – Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877 by James Kennedy