Synonyms for Dissolve:


charge, bring in a verdict, flux, award, citation, acquittal, Deliquesce, soften, call for, bar, acquit, freeze, harden. die, stop, discontinue, suspend, cease, postpone, finish, go away. floor, constituency, dissolution, repeal, the Dail, diet, parliamentarian, chamber, lower house, parliament. wear down, wipe something off/from the map, wish away, wear away, swallow up. solid, fuse. fadeaway.


annul (verb)
eliminate, abnegate, neutralize, deny, repudiate, annul, retract, veto, extinguish, disclaim, refute, dismiss, efface, nullify, eradicate, revoke, abolish, withdraw, cancel, Disaffirm, negate, obliterate, reject, undo, divorce, invalidate, destroy, disavow, delete.
annul, discontinue (verb)
shatter, divorce, cancel, dismiss, destroy, eradicate, suspend, postpone, repeal, end, invalidate.
disappear (verb)
fly, disappear, flee, melt, vanish, fade, hide, depart, sink, go.
disappear, disintegrate (verb)
dissipate, decompose, disperse, fade, vanish, disband, evaporate, crumble, separate, evanesce.
disintegrate (verb)
disintegrate, anatomize, dissect, crumble, turn, degenerate, break, fracture, putrefy, shatter, mortify, spoil, rupture, rot, decay, decompose.
liquefy (verb)
run, thaw, liquefy.
lose (verb)
dispossess, erode, deplete, decrement, shrink, drop, decrease, exhaust, lose, dissipate, divest, misplace, forfeit, debit.
melt from solid to liquid; mix in (verb)
flux, thaw, fuse, Deliquesce, diffuse, soften, liquefy, run.
scatter (verb)
evanesce, diverge, separate, detach, disorder, evaporate, refract, disconnect, dislocate, diffract, disperse, disburse, scatter, diffuse, distribute, dole, radiate.

Other synonyms:

the Dail, wear away, intermingle, soften, mingle, mix up, wish away, lower house, stir in, Deliquesce, fadeaway. constituency, suspend, die, wear down, cease, merge, fuse, go away. parliament, blend, swallow up, dissolution. mix, diet. finish. chamber. floor. stop. annul
fade away, vanish, dissipate.

Usage examples for dissolve

  1. The Old and New Testaments are so connected together, that to dissolve the union is to destroy the system. – Theological Essays by Charles Bradlaugh
  2. Her heart is frost and must dissolve by fire. – Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age by Various