Synonyms for Fluent:


all (adjective)
fluid, liquid, smooth.
articulate (adjective)
direct, expressive, intelligible, articulate, well-spoken, disputatious, smooth-spoken, wordy, voluble, persuasive, smooth, flowing, liquid, cogent, talkative, declamatory, mellifluous, silver-tongued, clear, chatty, facile, easy, loquacious, glib, copious, succinct, lucid, effusive, eloquent, garrulous, verbose, vocal, effortless.
facile (adjective)
dexterous, simple, deft, uncomplicated, adroit, efficient, effortless, handy, smooth, facile, easy.
talkative (adjective)
loquacious, voluble.


code switching, bilingual, false beginner, anglophone, fluency, encode, fidelity, communicative competence. feline, style, gentle, balletic, dainty, lithe, supple. legible, study, peruse, devour, illegible, read, read-out. flowing (noun)
fluid, flowing.
fluent (noun)
facile, silver-tongued, eloquent, smooth-spoken, articulate, fluid, graceful, silver, smooth, liquid, flowing.

Other synonyms:

colloquial, supple, fluency, communicative competence, false beginner, dainty, peruse, Brokenly, code switching, illegible, Gibbering, flatly, lithe, balletic, bilingual, bantering, legible. fidelity, anglophone, read-out. definite, gentle, economical, feline, encode. study. read. flat. eloquent
Other relevant words:
copious, declamatory, flatly, diffuse, bilingual, wordy, encode, flat, mellifluous, effusive, verbose, graceful, anglophone, fluid, vocal, cogent, illegible, colloquial, disputatious, garrulous, Gibbering, balletic, flowing, Brokenly, read-out, talkative, peruse, smooth-spoken, voluble, persuasive, bantering, silver, silver-tongued, gentle, fluency, conversational, chatty, liquid.

Usage examples for fluent

  1. Their distinguishing features are fluent and melodious versification, pure and graceful language- among the purest and most graceful, though decidedly Norman in character, of the time- true poetical feeling, and a lively faculty of invention and description. – A Short History of French Literature by George Saintsbury
  2. Hours afterwards the young girl who used to help in the housework at the inn, the Anne who still remembers Branwell's fluent greetings, found occasion to enter the parlour. – Emily Brontë by A. Mary F. (Agnes Mary Frances) Robinson