Synonyms for Blend:


jumble, combo. stir, apposition, anaphora, appropriacy, derivation, canonical form, admix, derivative, affix, componential analysis. beautiful, coordinate, synthesize, dissolve, mix up, orchestrate, stir in, arrange, harmonize. beat, blanch, butter, bone, carve, butchery, chill, bake, butcher. consolidate, match-up, hang together, go with, complement, piece together. alloy (noun)
intermixture, hybrid.
blend (noun)
merge, blend in, immix, portmanteau word, mix, go, commingle, immingle, flux, meld, conflate, fuse, portmanteau, intermingle, coalesce, intermix, blending, combine.
combination (noun)
amalgamation, compound, mix, conglomerate, concoction, conglomeration, ensemble, composition, hodgepodge, fusion, alloy, brew, amalgam, admixture, infusion, medley, commixture, composite, mixture, paste, combination, assembly, incorporation.
composite, mix (noun)
amalgamation, amalgam, Interfusion, intermixture, alloy, concoction, composite, fusion, commixture, mixture, combination, brew, compound.
miscellany (noun)
mixture (noun)
decoction, potpourri, emulsion, meld, intermixture, mongrel, hybrid, mash, stew, elixir, merger, Interfusion, amalgamate, blending.
preparation (noun)


combine (verb)
combine, assemble, incorporate, concoct, infuse, compose, fuse.
contact (verb)
intermingle, intermix, immingle.
harmonize (verb)
go with, arrange, orchestrate, complement.
mix (verb)
coalesce, meld, commingle, mingle, decoct, merge, amalgamate, intermix, combine, synthesize, fuse.

Other synonyms:

componential analysis, harmonize, stir in, appropriacy, derivative, mix up, anaphora, jumble, admix, hang together, apposition, blanch, canonical form, carve, butter, combo. butchery, affix, orchestrate, derivation, stir, consolidate, dissolve. match-up, bone, go with, synthesize, coordinate. arrange. complement, chill. beat. mix
intermix, admix.
Other relevant words:
beat, go with, dissolve, portmanteau, match-up, harmonize, coalesce, arrange, stir in, consolidate, synthesize, immix, go, chill, bone, immingle, conflate, admix, flux, complement, blend in, anaphora, derivative, commingle, jumble, portmanteau word, coordinate, admixture, Olio, intermingle, stir, apposition, orchestrate, derivation, combo.

Usage examples for blend

  1. Will our hearts ne'er in unison blend – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  2. If black and white blend soften, and unite A thousand ways, are there no black and white? – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  3. We are a blend in sympathies and a blend in art, a blend in literature, a blend in tendencies, and that is our hope for making this the supremely great race of the world. – Modern American Prose Selections by Various