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divest - 68 results
Examples of usage:

A moment I stood debating whether I should go on, or first return to divest myself of that cap of mine. - "The Shame of Motley", Raphael Sabatini.

It would have been a grave crime to woo her before he was relieved of this uncertainty, and he would utter the decisive words that very day, and ask her whether her love was great enough to share the joys and sorrows of life with him, the blind man, who perhaps must also divest himself of a false fame. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.

I have never been able to entirely divest myself of a slight feeling of the incongruous in reading what he wrote about the warehouse episode in his career. - "Life of Charles Dickens", Frank Marzials.

Similar words:

divert, Dives, divers, diverse, Divested, diver, skin-diver, underwater diver, pearl diver.

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