Synonyms for Cream:


amethyst, baby blue, alabaster, beige, bluish, avocado, amber, azure. merge, combine, bubble, spume, foam, solid, lather, mingle, dissolve, stir in, mix, intermingle, yeast, froth, suds, mix up, effervesce, blend, fizz. smash, trounce, defeat, steamroller, beat, smear, shellac, knock out, massacre, overpower, win, wallop, overwhelm, annihilate, overcome, crush, vanquish. baby oil, calamine lotion, antiperspirant, Aloe vera, best, top, astringent, elite, cold-cream, cleanser, better, prize, flower, cream of the crop, antiseptic, flower of the flock. chewy, caramelized, buttery, crisp, crispy, chilled, calorific, cool. evaporated milk, heavy cream, condensed milk, milk, pasteurized, half-and-half, creamer, homogenized. beige (noun)
ivory, creamer, tan, white, yellow, eggshell, biscuit.
bubbles (noun)
colors (noun)
aqua, blackness, aquamarine, brown, apricot, blue, black, biscuit, bronze, buff.
cream (noun)
best, flower, elite.
the best (noun)
prize, elite, flower, top.


roll (verb)

Other synonyms:

evaporated milk, pasteurized, buttery, homogenized, antiseptic, half-and-half, crispy, caramelized, calamine lotion, chilled, cold-cream, heavy cream, condensed milk, antiperspirant, chewy, baby oil, shellac. foam, creamer, bubble, overpower, effervesce, calorific, trounce, cleanser, steamroller. wallop, vanquish. froth, astringent, yeast, annihilate, smear, fizz. overwhelm, flower, milk, prize. smash, crush. crisp. cool. top. upper-class
Other relevant words:
amethyst, yeast, bronze, steamroller, bubble, crispy, best, ivory, alabaster, mingle, azure, creamer, blackness, better, massacre, cleanser, cream of the crop, aqua, amber, bluish, crisp, mix, avocado, smear, froth, solid, wallop, overcome, overwhelm, astringent, prize, yellow, chewy, chilled, spume, antiseptic, combine, beige, dissolve, fizz, pasteurized, aquamarine, annihilate, merge, antiperspirant, flower of the flock, black, flower, homogenized, cool, win, condensed milk, beat, brown, heavy cream, baby blue, vanquish, caramelized, lather, calorific, white, buttery, effervesce, apricot, crush, buff, top, foam, shellac, eggshell, intermingle, trounce, elite, blend, suds, tan, blue, milk, smash, half-and-half, defeat, biscuit, overpower.

Usage examples for cream

  1. I'm afraid we are too poor to buy so much cream all at once." – The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
  2. For Frozen Fruit or Water Ice, use water instead of cream – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  3. Do you remember what was called the Sutton Mystery, because two suspected men- ice- cream men, I think- happened to live at Sutton? – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton