Synonyms for Grind:


run, knead, work, buff. undertaking, care, toiler, strain, challenge, effort, heavy lifting, exertion, dedication, pursuit. granulate, idle, help, fire, burn up, pulverize, flood, engagement, go, Triturate, cut out, backfire, cycle. break up, break, splinter, smash, crumble, fall apart, gnash, fragment, disintegrate, shatter. nip, grub, scrunch, slog, compress, press, depress. butcher, chill, bone, butter, beat, carve, blanch, bake, cram, butchery, blend. over, tyrannize, trample. chore (noun)
grind (noun)
mash, cranch, crunch, drudgery, mill, bray, swot, labor, wonk, nerd, labour, travail, pulverization, donkeywork, plodding, fag, dig, moil, grate, comminute, toil, drudge, pulverisation, craunch.


apply (verb)
chafe (verb)
fret, wear, aggravate, rasp, harass, abrade, resist, scrape, grate, irritate, rub, chafe, scrub, disturb.
clash (verb)
contact (verb)
crumble (verb)
fragment, break up.
grind (verb)
mill, crumble, granulate, bray, rub, disintegrate, harass, gnash, grate, sand, Triturate, comminute, pulverize, abrade, polish, tyrannize, smooth, scrape, rasp, beat.
smooth (verb)
smooth, silken, burnish, glaze, level, gloss, sand, even, flatten, polish, plane, slick.

Other synonyms:

knead, Triturate, trample. gnash, nip, bone, tyrannize, backfire, cycle. run, scrunch, depress, slog, burn up, grub. engagement, fire. flood, cram, idle, compress. press. go. drudgery
Other relevant words:
care, engagement, disintegrate, nip, strain, press, mash, Triturate, challenge, donkeywork, pulverize, fragment, grub, exertion, travail, cycle, depress, chill, moil, granulate, plodding, pulverisation, scrunch, cranch, compress, bray, butchery, gnash, effort, nerd, tyrannize, knead, fire, work, pursuit, dig, cram, wonk, undertaking, shatter, butter, blend, trample, smash, buff, over, fag, break, flood, go, swot, carve, slog, drudge, labor, toiler, bone, crunch, comminute, blanch, beat, backfire, toil, labour, dedication, help, idle, bake, run, crumble, butcher, drudgery, pulverization, splinter, craunch, mill.

Usage examples for grind

  1. " Your father has promised to give me a chance on his coffee plantations in Brazil this autumn, and I wish to show him that I know how to grind – The Voice in the Fog by Harold MacGrath
  2. I will take good care; my teeth are not strong enough to grind such hard bits. – Old Fritz and the New Era by Louise Muhlbach
  3. It is required here that those who are emancipated from the daily grind should vindicate their right to their position not only by setting an example of self- culture, but by contributing something to the general welfare. – The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner by Charles Dudley Warner