Synonyms for Precipitate:


impulsive (adjective)
rash (adjective)
precipitant, unconsidered.
reckless (adjective)


quickly (adverb)
like mad, frenetic, quickly, urgent, like a shot, rapid, in a flash/like a flash/quick as a flash.


calcify, balanced equation, behave, behavior, action, aerate, the carbon cycle, adsorb, assay, bond. hotheaded, gallop, outpace, fly, impulsive, careful, incautious, foolhardy, charge, be quick on your feet, brash, surge, rash, impetuous, race, temerarious, harum-scarum, madcap, ill-considered, reckless, unconsidered, dart, slapdash, improvident. drizzle, pour, snow, the heavens opened, lash down, fast, hail, rain, sudden, beat down, surprise. inflict, cause, increase, bring on, give rise to something, unloose, loose, touch off, invite. distillate, crystal, filtrate, rust, scale, dioxin. accelerate (noun)
hurry, press, hasten, speed.
precipitate (noun)
hasty, come down, hurried, overhasty, precipitant, fall.
residue (noun)
dregs, Filings, scum, grounds, chaff, residue, detritus, remainder, leftovers, dross, remnant, debris, vestige, sediment, sawdust, slag, afterimage, afterglow, artifact.


hurry, speed (verb)
cast, bring on, throw, hasten, launch, press, hurl, fling.
propel (verb)
flick, ram, propel, shunt, impel, bowl, hurl, catapult, compel, thrust, toss, launch, cast, heave, drive, throw, butt, chuck, bunt, cant, goad, pelt, pitch, sling, shove, push, project, fling, lob, prod, fire.

Other synonyms:

dioxin, bring on, ill-considered, temerarious, inflict, distillate, fast, unconsidered, filtrate, touch off, unloose, brash. hotheaded, harum-scarum, impulsive, madcap, rash, incautious, sudden. reckless, improvident, rust. invite, crystal, slapdash. cause. loose, scale. excite
touch off.
gallop, hasten.
Other relevant words:
unconsidered, quickly, rapid, improvident, fall, surge, brash, drizzle, hurried, slapdash, speed, bring on, come down, reckless, impulsive, frenetic, madcap, fast, cause, urgent, impetuous, hurry, sudden, harum-scarum, distillate, press, ill-considered, hotheaded, hasty, scale, crystal, dart, rash, touch off, rust, overhasty, unloose, temerarious, incautious, foolhardy, pour, filtrate, hasten, precipitant, loose, rain.

Usage examples for precipitate

  1. Why precipitate herself into the jaws of the beast? – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. No warning cried from the stage could have done aught but precipitate the deed, but now for the moment, amazed and doubtful, he turned his back upon his prey. – Audrey by Mary Johnston
  3. We always do this to him whom we perceive to be a lover of wicked courses, until we precipitate him into misfortune, so that he may learn to fear the gods. – The Clouds by Aristophanes