Synonyms for Rain:


blizzard, band, precipitation, downpour, torrent, mist, mizzle, sprinkling, avalanche, drizzle, dewdrop, acid rain, curtain, shower. cloudburst, HIT, beat up, thunderstorm, stun, batter, smack, thump, beat, punch, tempest, bludgeon, storm. give, lavish, snow, come down, pour, big, the heavens opened, beat down, lash down, heap, pelt. downpour of water or other substance (noun)
mist, precipitation, sprinkle, drizzle, shower, deluge, torrent, cloudburst, sprinkling, pour, rainfall.
moisture (noun)
phenomenon (noun)
precipitation (noun)
rainfall, shower.
rain (noun)
rainfall, rain down, pelting, rainwater.
water (noun)
dew, deluge, sea, irrigation, wetness, moisture, ocean, water, bath, lake, immersion, aqua, dilution, sprinkle.


drop water or other substance (verb)
lavish, storm.
weather (verb)
rain down.

Other synonyms:

storm, lash down, shower. snow. pelt, pour, beat down. come down, lavish. condensation
Other relevant words:
heap, give, lavish, snow, precipitation, mist, pelt, cloudburst, come down, downpour, mizzle, shower, pour, rain down, rainfall, drizzle, pelting, torrent, rainwater, sprinkling, storm.

Usage examples for rain

  1. It's hard to see for the rain – She Buildeth Her House by Will Comfort
  2. There's no sign of rain – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  3. It is a day of rain – Queen Mary and Harold by Alfred Lord Tennyson