Synonyms for Engulf:


give, decide, lead to, skew, pack a punch, influence, stir, catch. trash, obliterate, ravage, overwhelm, destroy, whelm, flush, devastate, overflow, ruin, eat away, full, vandalize, shatter, mutilate. grip, overcome, heighten, grow, crush, affect, color, come over, pulse, prostrate, run, surge, sweep over, overpower. engulf (noun)
absorb, steep, soak up, immerse, plunge, engross.
swallow up (noun)
cover, overwhelm.


bury (verb)
deluge (verb)
drench, douse, sluice, glut, soak, flush, overcome.
drown (verb)
obliterate, dip, prostrate, overpower.
engross (verb)
absorb, grip.
engulf (verb)
immerse, swamp, submerge, inundate, overrun, flood, deluge, plunge, whelm, drown, engross, overflow, overwhelm.
envelop (verb)
exceed (verb)
exceed, deluge, overkill, overdose, overrun, glut, overindulge.
exceeded (verb)
glut, exceed, overkill, overdose, overrun, inundate, overindulge, deluge.
flood (verb)
swamp, drench, imbue, sluice, rinse, surge, shower, saturate, slosh, soak.
immerse (verb)
drown, flood, dunk, immerse, inundate, submerge, plunge, bathe, sink, douse, wallow, dip.
inundate (verb)

Other synonyms:

sweep over, whelm, heighten. overcome, overpower. overflow, come over, prostrate, overwhelm. pulse, surge, flush. crush. color. stir. run. flood
Other relevant words:
flush, absorb, crush, grip, deluge, overwhelm, overcome, engross, overflow, catch, ruin, color, ravage, whelm, decide, pulse, skew, obliterate, full, run, surge, steep, devastate, grow, cover, affect, give, shatter, prostrate, overpower, influence, stir, vandalize, destroy, mutilate, trash, soak up, heighten.

Usage examples for engulf

  1. They are standing in the way of an irresistible movement that is sure to engulf them. – On the Firing Line in Education by Adoniram Judson Ladd
  2. And I have mused:- E'en thus may Freedom fall, And darkness shroud it like a wintry pall, And night o'erwhelm it, and the shades thereof Engulf the glories born of perfect love. – Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems by Eric Mackay