Synonyms for Flood:


get, draw in, land, get in, appear, arrive, enter, tide, reach, surge, bore. abundance, spate, flashback, recall, memory, nostalgia, plenty, long-term memory, superabundance, recollection, short-term memory, Photographic Memory. cataclysm, bonanza, concentration, complex, avalanche, big, cascade, niagara, cornucopia, feast, blizzard. line, pattern, current, chain reaction, process, train, string, move, proceedings, drift, rash, domino effect, flux, rush. cycle, cut out, backfire, go, grind, burn up, idle, engagement. focus, fade, waver, filter, reflect, play, bend. radiance, twinkle, dazzle, flicker, glare. blow up, inflate, charge, pump up, inflation, top off. blush, color, burn, color up, drain, flame. crest, catch, course, come in, dash, deepen, break, cast up, channel, burst. come over, grow, grip, sweep over, heighten, pulse. weeping, misty-eyed, tearful, teardrop, weepy, bring tears to your eyes, cry, dry your eyes, tear, misty. tsunami, flood plain, flash flood, flooded, high water. cascade (noun)
watercourse, waterfall, avalanche.
current (noun)
jet, river, course.
flood (noun)
inundate, tide, outpouring, spate, niagara, drift, oversupply, plenty, flow, torrent, overflow, surge, flood lamp, flux, cataract, current, rush, deluge, abundance, bore, glut, stream, floodlight, alluvion, superabundance, tsunami, freshet, wave, cataclysm, inundation, photoflood, swamp.
flood lamp (noun)
flood tide (noun)
high water.
outpouring (noun)
phenomenon (noun)
deluge, inundation, alluvion.
precipitation (noun)
river (noun)
stream, deluge, rivulet, river, torrent, water, brook, watercourse, freshet, creek.
spate (noun)
stream (noun)
jet, flow, wave, high tide, waterfall, tidal wave, cataract.


bathe (verb)
dunk, rinse, dip, soak, water, submerge, imbue, douse, shower.
cascade (verb)
deluge (verb)
drench, sluice.
flood (verb)
slosh, swamp, drown, drench, oversupply, engulf, soak, sluice, saturate, imbue, rinse, immerse, shower.
immerse (verb)
bathe, plunge, dip, immerse, drown, dunk, engulf, douse, sink, inundate, wallow, submerge.
light (verb)
fluoresce, sparkle, blaze, flare, fire, glint, scintillate, glow, flash, radiate, shine, glitter, spot, beam, illuminate, light, incandesce, gleam.

Other synonyms:

high water, Photographic Memory, blush, memory, flooded, top off, niagara, flux, tsunami, flood plain, recollection, flash flood, nostalgia, long-term memory, short-term memory, waver, color up. channel, surge, avalanche, inflation, reflect, backfire, spate, cycle. grind, fade, pump up, flashback, recall, inflate, burn up. engagement. focus, idle, blow up, current, flame. bend, drain. cataclysm, filter. color. play. go. charge. burn. catch. abundance

Usage examples for flood

  1. In common with all nations, the Kogmollycs have a tradition of the flood – The New North by Agnes Deans Cameron
  2. More pipes may burst and flood the school. – The Story of a Monkey on a Stick by Laura Lee Hope
  3. And when you get it all going to suit yourself, there'll be another flood and serve you all damned well right. – The Dark Tower by Phyllis Bottome