Synonyms for Blow:


lick, thrust, clout, make off, skip out, bruise, buck, shoot off, kick, HIT, sock, punch, slam, bat, swat, swing, prod, clip, slap, strike, smack, bash, thwack, belt, abandon, lunge, scoot, clear out, swipe, clear off, biff, jab, whop, dash off, slug, gouge, wallop, poke, whack, bop. chuck away, tragedy, surprise, misuse, wear out, abuse, overwork. propel, wind, guide, gale, typhoon, budge, hurricane, pass, take, shunt, transfer, manhandle, advance. pay out, winnow, fund, spend, invest in, bear the cost/expense etc., disburse, finance, breath, put up. revelation, zinger, pant, scandal, a first, a rude awakening, gasp, huff, affront, a blinding revelation/realization/vision. burst, bad breath, breathing, asphyxia, pop, artificial respiration, bronchial tube, bronchus, explode, bust, explosion, bronchiole, airway. form, work, bend, touch off, go off, curl, straighten, detonate, fulminate, reshape, deform, twist, shape, open up. go down, break down, pull out, fail, approach, get away, break, take off, shut off, run, split, go, leave, depart, run down, push off, exit, go away, get off, stop, retire, quit, withdraw, cut out. pay, freshen, drop, stand, catch, get up, howl, treat, rise, pick up, set up. kiss of death, goad, rich, crime, bloom, disincentive, burgeon, effloresce, deterrent, better, blossom, flower, evil, deterrence, cloud. act (noun)
blast, rush of air, wind (noun)
gust, gale, hurricane, squall, typhoon, draft.
blow (noun)
fellate, botch, bumble, drift, puff, vaunt, tout, gasconade, bluster, bump, bollocks up, shove off, burn out, mishandle, bollocks, shove along, bollix, bungle, blast, screw up, fumble, go down on, bobble, squander, be adrift, muck up, swash, boast, gas, setback, shoot a line, reversal, louse up, spoil, fluff, reverse, fuck up, brag, gust, flub, float, bollix up, botch up, ball up, shock.
blow over (noun)
pass, dissipate.
blow up (noun)
go off, burst, explode, blast, detonate.
catastrophe (noun)
reverse, tragedy, setback.
disappointment (noun)
event (noun)
shock, bump.
hard hit (noun)
poke, jab, clip, bop, lick, clout, zap, bash, swat, slap, thwack, thrust, kick, swing, ding, bat, strike, belt, swipe, bump, shock, whack, smack, biff, slam, punch, sock, slug, wallop.
violent storm (noun)
wallop (noun)


blast, rush of air, wind (verb)
gasp, exhale, huff, pant, puff, breathe.
blow (verb)
puff, exhale, draft, squall, breeze, ventilate, gust, storm, rage, wail, roar.
boast (verb)
flaunt, boast, pontificate, vaunt, prance, crow, cock-a-doodle-doo, aggrandize, strut, swagger, bluster, saunter, peacock, preen, gloat, parade, bluff, lord, brag.
leave suddenly (verb)
depart, split, go.
make sound, usually with instrument (verb)
ruin chance (verb)
use up money (verb)
squander, dissipate, pay out, spend.

Other synonyms:

disincentive, breath, bash, affront, gasp, bronchiole, effloresce, artificial respiration, freshen, gale, bronchus, punch, kick, bad breath, gum up, burgeon, fritter away, hammer blow, scandal, breathing, thrust, bronchial tube, asphyxia, wind, kiss of death, clout, hurricane. cough, zinger, airway, sock, deterrence, bat, rodomontade, burble, crime, grate, boggle, surprise, pant, ding. explode, strike, bop, deterrent, winnow, sigh, goad, click, bonk, breathe, depart, pop, revelation, tragedy, quit, wallop. bust, burst, babble, leave, treat, gulp, swipe, belt. butt, retire, crunch. withdraw, slap, muddle, evil, stand, dissipate, howl. get up, choke, lick, smack. cloud, buzz. split, run. pick up. rise. drop. HIT, go. boast
gasconade, cock-a-doodle-doo.
bollix up
bollocks up.
get off.
get away.
pay out.
fight for breath.
push off.
skip out, go away.
shove off
shove off.
fritter away, trifle away, throw away.
Other relevant words:
gasp, biff, punch, louse up, poke, squander, bash, pant, blast, blow off, botch, smack, flower, huff, whop, thwack, slug, bloom, bungle, belt, dissipate, whack, clip, gasconade, effloresce, lick, sock, clout, swat, go, HIT, split, jab, bat, blossom, shock, wind.

Usage examples for blow

  1. " You dassen't blow it," said he. – Christmas Eve on Lonesome and Other Stories by John Fox, Jr.
  2. The blow had fallen at last. – Dora Thorne by Charlotte M. Braeme
  3. It was such an unexpected blow and it showed so much knowledge. – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green