Synonyms for Favor:


ardor, awe, reverence, devotion, romance, passion, deference. courtesy, on the make, service, kindness, flirtation, man-eating, a fast worker, coquettish, tease, come-on, flirtatious, flirt, coquetry. align, ally, sympathize, speak up for, agree with, get behind, compliment, gift, endorse, promote, present. indulgence, grace, care package, good turn, red packet, surprise, largesse, valentine, settlement, freebie. benevolence, benignity, give, beneficence, injustice, favorite, office, bias, inequity, inequality, imbalance, oblation, kindliness, nepotism, benefaction, cruelty, cronyism, philanthropy, kind. take after, answer the description of, look/be every inch something, blend in, Beau Geste, resemble, be a chip off the old block, be the image of, fit/match/answer someone's description. accept, acceptance, give/show preference to someone/something, approval, hand something to someone on a plate, praise, approbation. account, honor, admiration, consideration, appreciation. fair, preference, favoritism, partialness, partiality. act (noun)
approval (noun)
approval, good opinion; help (noun)
benignity, courtesy, account, boon, benefit, compliment, kindness, admiration, benevolence, assistance, gift, cooperation, present, support, grace, consideration, aid, service, partiality, bias, good turn, good will, approbation, indulgence, blessing.
attribute (noun)
benefit (noun)
boon, success, profit, improvement, gain, promotion, prosperity, bonus, progress, advantage, good, furtherance, blessing.
benevolence (noun)
favor (noun)
favour, privilege, party favor, prefer, Party Favour.
friendship (noun)
gift (noun)
largesse, present.
good manners (noun)
help (noun)
cooperation, buddy system, a good/bad turn, contribution, hand, assistance.
kindliness (noun)
good will.
praise (noun)
preference (noun)
admiration, partiality, approval, inclination, good will.
trophy (noun)
laurel, wreath, ribbon, marker, memento, souvenir, memorabilia, memorial, remembrance, trophy, garland, keepsake, monument, plaque, commemoration, crown, cup, palm, prize, treasure, testimonial, catch.


assist (verb)
avail, uphold, serve, help, benefit, support, sustain, assist, succor, abet, foster, back, aid.
benefit (verb)
advance, further, better, do good, contribute.
choose (verb)
determine, wish, like, judge, espouse, prefer, select, decide, pick, adopt, fancy, elect, choose.
cognition (verb)
look like (verb)
take after, resemble, be the image of.
oblige (verb)
demand, need, indulge, necessitate, oblige, constrain, require, accommodate.
pamper, reward; help (verb)
advance, indulge, assist, further, oblige, accommodate, promote, abet.
please (verb)
suit, be welcome, win praise, satisfy.
prefer, like (verb)
endorse, fancy, prize, back, accept, choose, honor, pick, praise.
social (verb)
favour, prefer.

Other synonyms:

courtesy, blend in, resemble, Beau Geste, take after, partialness, gift, promote, good turn, approval. benefaction, benignity, oblation, indulgence, preference, kindness, favoritism. benevolence, partiality, philanthropy, beneficence. appreciation, acceptance, compliment. account, service, honor, office, kindliness. choose
elect, wish.
party favour
Party Favour.
Other relevant words:
appreciation, praise, reverence, flirt, flirtation, flirtatious, grace, preference, fair, coquetry, injustice, coquettish, freebie, imbalance, kind, inclination, settlement, tease, service, accept, benevolence, compliment, kindness, give, courtesy, oblation, romance, inequality, passion, deference, hand, resemble, favorite, partiality, benignity, ally, Beau Geste, beneficence, inequity, favour, approval, ardor, nepotism, party favor, partialness, valentine, cruelty, philanthropy, sympathize, indulgence, favoritism, suit, largesse, gift, align, surprise, admiration, cooperation, promote, consideration, take after, assistance, acceptance, endorse, Party Favour, office, account, satisfy, devotion, kindliness, cronyism, awe, good turn, be the image of, benefaction, good will, man-eating, honor, contribution.

Usage examples for favor

  1. Everybody was in favor of that. – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  2. But did you never do him any great favor Miller- any particularly great favor – The Comstock Club by Charles Carroll Goodwin
  3. " Well, then," she continued wheedlingly, " will you do me a favor – The Spiritualists and the Detectives by Allan Pinkerton