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flake (noun)

fleck, dandruff, shaving, flake, chip, paring.

rank (verb)

place, mark, position, grade, rank.

Other synonyms:

B, cement mixer, system, carapace, graduated table, racing shell, allowance, descale, skin, backlog, amount, double flat, immensity, capacity, home, peel, denture, procession, calibration, cap, concrete mixer, salary, vent, put on, chain, outdo, computation, caving, dentistry, musical scale, decorticate, starvation wages, pare, strip, case, bridge, absolute, weighing machine, D, A, crustal plate, grindstone, caries, shield, master, climbing, chord, mandible, butter, minimum wage, parade, factor, grid reference, flame thrower, exfoliation, outmatch, earnings, scale of measurement, block, overcome, music, contour, grid, performance-related pay, accumulation, outgo, plate, surpass, casing, arithmetic, metrication, get over, batch, C, income, pectoral fin, living, metric, dioxin, nobility, bake, collection plate, bass, scale leaf, crotchet, plateful, exceed, braces, row, formation, allocation, gradation, subdue, rust, chart, filtrate, climber, impressiveness, amalgam, generously, abseil, bulk, beat, crown, surmount, distillate, blend, climbing wall, layer, globe, residue, cavity, pay, outstrip, semicircle, spaciousness, eggshell, boundary, gill, extensiveness, crystal, size, coordinate, graduation, cartography, imperial, gas turbine, order, backhoe, scurf, geocentric, home base, butchery, air pump, butcher, chill, expansively, fin, covering, blanch, enormity, shell, photographic plate, circle, grandly, wage, dental plate, carve, balance, rope, home plate, jackhammer, ring, cuticle, atlas, do, forge, greatness, bone, base camp, outperform, ordered series, precipitate, canyoneering.

Examples of usage:

But why not have one on a grand scale? - "The So-called Human Race", Bert Leston Taylor.

Because just in proportion as any creature is low- I mean in the scale of life- just in that proportion it does without its fellow- creatures, it lives by itself and cares for no other of its kind. - "Sermons on National Subjects", Charles Kingsley.

Italy, it has been said, is the one country in which there has never been such a thing as Jewish persecution on a large scale. - "The Allied Countries and the Jews", Hyman Gerson Enelow.

Similar words:

small-scale, scape, scare, scare away, scare off, scarce, scathe, scared, scaup, Scaup Duck.

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