Synonyms for Resolve:


decree, surmount, manage, shrug off, fix, elect, carry off, handle, get through, cope, overcome. clear up, come down, arrive at, make up your mind, commit yourself. decipher, explain, ask, dope out, unravel. rectify, agree, smooth over, straighten out. decisiveness, toughness, certain, determination, strong, will, willpower, purposefulness, decision, decidedness. decision, determination (noun)
decidedness, resoluteness, firmness, willpower, will, resolution, purpose, purposefulness.
perseverance (noun)
resolve (noun)
dissolve, adjudicate, decide, resoluteness, answer, break up, settle, purpose, declaration, resolution, conclude, firmness.


cognition (verb)
settle, adjudicate, decide.
communication (verb)
intend (verb)
endeavor, wish, plan, scheme, intend, expect, aim, mind, mean, choose, propose.
interpret (verb)
judge (verb)
assess, rule, decide, referee, consider, sentence, find, mediate, pronounce, adjudicate, judge, appraise, arbitrate, determine.
make up one's mind; find solution (verb)
choose, anatomize, rule, fix, clear up, determine, dissolve, decipher, analyze, agree, decree, intend, settle, answer, decide, unravel, propose, conclude, elect, dissect.
resolve (verb)
endure, devote, persevere, persist.

Other synonyms:

decidedness, dynamism, ambition, willpower, unravel, purposefulness, arrive at, decisiveness. toughness, energy, anatomize, straighten out, rectify, perseverance, come down, determination. aspiration, clear up, analyze, dissect, decipher. agree. decision, will. drive. analyze
iron out
smooth over.
Other relevant words:
anatomize, motivation, toughness, conclude, ambition, explain, willpower, unravel, cope, firmness, strong, clear up, decree, energy, decidedness, declaration, determination, arrive at, will, ask, decisiveness, rectify, overcome, settle, smooth over, answer, agree, dissect, fix, dynamism, decipher, resoluteness, perseverance, purposefulness, elect, purpose, investigate, straighten out, handle, surmount, manage, analyze, dissolve, aspiration, certain, resolution, drive, decision.

Usage examples for resolve

  1. This was the reply to Mallinsbee's resolve – The Son of his Father by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. The resolve was as earnest as it was sudden. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  3. This man, too, would resolve himself soon into just something she had had for dinner last night, and she would tell her father about her dream at breakfast, and they would laugh. – Vera by Elisabeth von Arnim