Synonyms for Flare:


set in, arrive, come into being, originate, begin, commence, arise, fall/fit into place, develop. blue jeans, bottoms, hot, Chaps, breeches, bell-bottoms, cargo pants, chinos, baggies, britches, capri pants. explosion, start, catch the light. dazzle, fly. give vent to, blow a fuse, foam, red, blow up, steam, fume, get hot under the collar, anger, let rip, bristle, feelings, The, blow a gasket, let off/blow off steam, seethe, fly off the handle, breathe fire, boil over, rage, have/throw a fit. widen, stretch, narrow, collapse, broaden, dilate, open out. gaslight, Japanese lantern, candlestick, candelabra, Chinese Lantern, chandelier. heptagon, cross, cuboid, fractal, cube, diamond, chevron, hexagon, equilateral triangle. alarm (noun)
buoy, call, bell, warning, foghorn, caution, notice, semaphore, alert, whistle, horn, siren, signal, alarm, beacon.
communication (noun)
flare (noun)
flame up, flare out, burst out, erupt, blaze up, flame, flare up, burn up, flash, break open, solar flare.
flare up (noun)
gleam, signal, blow up, beam, dazzle, erupt, beacon, light, boil over, flash, flame, blaze, burst out.
glare (noun)
brief blaze, study at flame.
light (noun)
light source (noun)
Illuminator, light bulb, fluorescent light, lamp, headlight, klieg light, moonbeam, floodlight, desk light, star, searchlight, torch, mercury-vapor lamp, candle, table lamp, street lamp, neon light, incandescent light, light, moon, flashlight, sun, arc lamp, pilot light, fire, Tungsten lamp, flame, oil lamp, floor lamp, spotlight, jack-o'-lantern, taper, lantern.


erupt, blow (verb)
dazzle, blaze, boil over, glow, fume, flash, seethe, burn up.
light (verb)
shine, fluoresce, flash, scintillate, glitter, beam, glow, illuminate, radiate, sparkle, spot, incandesce, blaze, gleam, glint, flood.
spread (verb)
broaden, widen.

Other synonyms:

Japanese lantern, equilateral triangle, candlestick, gaslight, open out, chandelier, candelabra, heptagon, hexagon, fractal. seethe, fume, dazzle, Chinese Lantern, chevron, cuboid, widen. broaden, diamond. cube, narrow. collapse. fly. bristle
boil over, flare up.
flare up.
fly off the handle.
Other relevant words:
solar flare, hexagon, explosion, burn up, britches, cuboid, baggies, stretch, collapse, cube, chinos, fractal, break open, narrow, blaze up, Chaps, burst out, cross, diamond, commence, dazzle, hot, originate, fume, heptagon, rage, The, develop, breeches, arrive, broaden, begin, fly, gaslight, boil over, bottoms, erupt, seethe, chevron, blow up, red, feelings, dilate, steam, candelabra, bristle, flame up, foam, anger, candlestick, arise, chandelier, bell-bottoms, widen, start, flare out.

Usage examples for flare

  1. Against all opposition Lund forced his way until, just after sunset one night, as the dusk swept down, he gave a shout and pointed to a fitful flare over the port bow. – A Man to His Mate by J. Allan Dunn
  2. This time, however, there was no blinding flare of small rockets. – This World Must Die! by Horace Brown Fyfe