Synonyms for Rolling:


all (adjective)
rolled, trilled.
bumpy (adjective)
rolling (adjective)
swirling, revolving, spinning, whirling, rotating, turning.
rotating (adjective)
reverberating, hilly, revolving, resounding.
rumbling (adjective)
throbbing, humming, reverberating, clatter, buzzing, chanting, droning, beating, chattering, drumming, rattling, rumbling, Thrumming, grumbling, thundering.


Chlorinated, flowing, saline, brackish, hard, boiling, dilute, aerated, soft. mountainous, graded, highland, gentle, gradual, craggy, gently, alpine, hilly. Sure-footed, footing, springy, in/into step, lumbering, by foot. one after another (noun)
in a row, one after another, successive, in turn, straight, consecutive, linear, back-to-back, fast and furious.
rolling (noun)
trilled, resonant, reverberative, tumbling, pronounceable, resonating, pealing, moving, resounding, rotation, ringing, peal, revolution, rolled, reverberant, roll, wheeling, billowing, reverberating.
rotation (noun)
rotation, wheeling.


rolling (verb)
revolving, rotating, spinning, cycling, swirling, whirling, turning.
rumbling (verb)

Other synonyms:

mountainous, gently, gradual, craggy, alpine, boiling, dilute, aerated, brackish, flowing, graded, lumbering, Chlorinated, gentle, soft. springy, highland, Sure-footed, saline. footing. hard. bumpy
Other relevant words:
trilled, alpine, pronounceable, highland, gentle, boiling, soft, flowing, rolled, pealing, billowing, linear, aerated, hilly, consecutive, reverberant, roll, graded, dilute, footing, saline, moving, wheeling, successive, springy, Chlorinated, gradual, mountainous, lumbering, ringing, tumbling, back-to-back, peal, hard, resonant, reverberative, gently, resounding, straight, Sure-footed, brackish, craggy, resonating.

Usage examples for rolling

  1. The Elephant, too, was glad to give his friend the Doll a ride on his back as he had carried the Rolling Mouse and the other toys, though of course he could not speak and tell her so, for there were children in the room. – The Story of a Stuffed Elephant by Laura Lee Hope
  2. Galloway was rolling a cigarette. – The Bells of San Juan by Jackson Gregory
  3. But while the party got rolling Bart wondered- free for what? – The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley