Synonyms for Bustling:


active (adjective)
stirring, lively, moving, assiduous, eager, sedulous, sprightly, spirited, vivacious, active, dynamic, running, energetic, tireless, industrious, enterprising, busy, quick, animated.
hasty (adjective)
brisk, quick, feverish, rushing, impatient, fast, rapid, galloping, fleet, darting, pelting, flying, breathless, speedy, abrupt, hasty, urgent, running, hurried, dashing, swift, breakneck.


madhouse, busy season, hectic, Grand Central Station, peak, buzz, hum, frenzy. bustling (noun)
busy, stirring, hectic, rushing, active, lively, energetic.


hastening (verb)
hurrying, quickening, urging, Expediting, hastening, spurring, Flurrying, Hustling, accelerating, pushing, speeding.

Other synonyms:

hectic, madhouse, Grand Central Station, frenzy, busy season. hum, buzz. peak. Other relevant words:
hum, hectic.

Usage examples for bustling

  1. Now and then the bustling wife would show her heated red face at the door, and hastily courtesy as they passed, then returning to dish up her little dinner. – Ten Thousand a-Year. Volume 1. by Samuel Warren
  2. The encampment of the returning caravan was in a little pasture well outside the town and it was the scene of bustling activity. – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. Let us now take leave of all their bustling and tell how Lady Kriemhild and her maidens journeyed from the Nibelung land down toward the Rhine. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown