Synonyms for Bowl:


American Football (noun)
backfield, bootleg, end zone, blitz, carry, conversion kick, American Football, end.
clay, alley, baseline, the bench, bleachers, the box, Astroturf, court, crease. balloon, bubble, crescent, band, bulge, cone, ball, circle. cake, C, batch, consumption, bite, bed, crumb. boundary, Gabba, bat, cricket, batting average, batsman, HIT. frame, bowler, bowling, strike, bowls, boules, pin, green, lawn bowling. platter, salver, finger bowl, punch bowl, plate, mixing bowl, ramekin. basin (noun)
sink, washtub, basin, tub, cistern, bathtub, tureen.
bowl (noun)
pipe bowl, arena, trough, stadium, bowlful.
container (noun)
decanter, jar, pocket, can, storage, container, suitcase, purse, vault, closet, locker, cabinet, holder, drum, pouch, shelf, bag, trunk, vat, wallet, case, reservoir, bin, sack, drawer, ladle, tank, receptacle, belly, crate, basket, chest, repository, flask, bucket, cask, bottle, bladder, tray, stomach, box, cupboard, cup, barrel, jug.
cup (noun)
coffee cup, chalice, beaker, glass, shot glass, magnum, jigger, mug, teacup, goblet, wineglass, demitasse, stein, tankard, tumbler.
dish (noun)
porringer, vessel, crock, casserole, boat, vase, saucer, urn, dish, china, pan.
hollow, concave container (noun)
dish, crock, porringer, saucer, basin, urn, vessel, tureen, boat, casserole.
shape (noun)


propel (verb)
hurl, impel, propel, prod, heave, lob, ram, drive, fire, sling, fling, pitch, thrust, cast, throw, catapult, shove, goad, launch, bunt, project, cant, pelt, precipitate, chuck, butt, flick, compel, shunt, toss, push.
roll a ball down a lane (verb)
hurl, fling, throw, pitch.

Other synonyms:

American Football
blitz, backfield, end zone, bootleg, American Football, carry.
batting average, Gabba, salver, boules, crease, punch bowl, bleachers, Astroturf, saucer, lawn bowling, circle, mixing bowl, finger bowl, ramekin, batsman, baseline. bubble, bowler, cricket, clay, alley, crescent. cone, vessel, boundary, crumb, cake, bulge, platter. batch, balloon, end, consumption. court. bite, band. ball. green, C, bed. pin. plate. strike. plate
Other relevant words:
boat, Gabba, urn, pipe bowl, bite, batch, bowling, trough, bed, baseline, strike, band, green, circle, saucer, crock, mixing bowl, salver, bulge, casserole, bleachers, ramekin, bowlful, alley, porringer, punch bowl, vase, court, boundary, pin, Astroturf, ball, crumb, plate, bowler, stadium, vessel, cricket, boules, arena, batsman, pan, dish, china, blitz, backfield, HIT, cake.

Usage examples for bowl

  1. In front of her was the bowl of kingcups, the birthday flowers. – Vera by Elisabeth von Arnim
  2. Once, too, his trembling hands could not hold the bowl and it fell to the ground and broke. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers
  3. She placed the meat and a bowl of water beside him and hurried away. – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor