Synonyms for Revolving:


capable of rotating (adjective)
circling (adjective)
vertiginous, Gyrating, whirling.
rolling (adjective)
spinning, swirling, whirling, rotating, rolling, turning.
rotating (adjective)
spinning, Reeling, rotary, turning, orbiting, Circumnavigating, twisting, whirling, Pirouetting, rolling, rotating, circulating, swirling, Gyrating.
vertiginous (adjective)


around, circular. rotary, vertiginous. revolving (noun)
wheeling, turning, rotating, moving.


rolling (verb)
swirling, spinning, rolling, cycling.
rotating (verb)
screwing, Eddying, wheeling.

Other synonyms:

circular. around. circling
Other relevant words:
moving, circular, Reeling, rotary, orbiting, vertiginous, around.

Usage examples for revolving

  1. From which conversation it will be seen that Antony's mind was still revolving with unconscious attraction around the mystery of Art. – The Worshipper of the Image by Richard Le Gallienne
  2. Beyond the window a fine icy rain had begun to fall, and down the long street she could see the lamps flickering in revolving circles of frost. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  3. On this he placed a small revolving frame three by six inches. – The Chinese Boy and Girl by Isaac Taylor Headland