Synonyms for Roaring:


audible (adjective)
blustery (adjective)
raging, howling, gusting.
deafening (adjective)
noisy, thunderous.
loud (adjective)
booming, earsplitting, vociferous, blaring, clamorous, deafening, fortissimo, blasting, bellowing, sonorous, tumultuous, blatant, clangorous, noisy, boisterous, uproarious, loud, strident.
piercing (adjective)
prosperous (adjective)
roaring (adjective)
booming, boisterous, thrifty, clamorous, boomy, prosperous, blustering, deafening, tumultuous, prospering, earsplitting, blaring, strident, successful, sonorous, Ear-splitting, blatant, vociferous, uproarious, thriving.
successful (adjective)
thunderous (adjective)
ululating (adjective)
grunting, Baying, Mewing, Ululating, chattering, Cawing, Purring, Twitting, Warbling, Clucking, calling, snorting, Barking, crowing, Neighing, bellowing, squealing, Braying, crying, Chirping, Gobbling, growling, Cackling, Bleating, Squawking, honking, Mooing, Quacking, Snarling, cooing, yelping, Hooting, howling, Whinnying, meowing, trilling, bawling.


alight, on fire, fiery, burning, glowing, flaming, blazing, burn, ablaze. boomy, can't hear yourself think, riotous, thrifty, Ear-splitting, shrill, thrive. roaring (noun)
earsplitting, prospering, holla, holloa, hollering, flourishing, bellowing, loud, yowl, roar, thunderous, hollo, prosperous, thunder, boom, successful, booming, thriving, palmy, thundery, holler, bellow, deafening.


blowing (verb)
drafting, raging, Ventilating, blustering, puffing, squalling, gusting, blowing, breezing, exhaling, Storming, wailing.
raging (verb)
Fuming, rampaging, boiling, exploding, seething, erupting, ranting.
roar (verb)
boom, holler, bellow, thunder.
ululating (verb)

Other synonyms:

ablaze, alight, burning, burn, fiery, blazing, glowing, boomy. flaming. thrifty. Other relevant words:
thunderous, hollering, thunder, thundery, successful, prosperous, thrive, Ear-splitting, bellow, hollo, prospering, burn, flourishing, holloa, holler, thrifty, boom, yowl, thriving, roar, alight, boomy, fiery, holla, palmy, flaming.

Usage examples for roaring

  1. They built up the fire to a roaring blaze that gave some real warmth. – Northern Diamonds by Frank Lillie Pollock
  2. He never wrote as good a short story as " The Luck of Roaring Camp." – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  3. The Legionaries knew, now, what had caused the dull, roaring sound. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England