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ignite (verb)

ignite, burn, kindle, inflame.

light (adjective)

feathery, buoyant, weightless, delicate, airy, gossamer.

Other synonyms:

idle, thin, jaywalking, ethereal, circus, exiguous, pleasing, illumine, eye, facet, spry, fluid, crystalize, sparkle, gentle, write down, let down, boxercise, atonic, just, flame, cigarette paper, dainty, fluent, calisthenics, flinty, sour, clean-cut, scanty, deject, readable, gracile, ablaze, net, cheerful, take fire, elucidate, broken, bend, downy, biting, electric arc, fire up, blank, voracious, featherbrained, mellow, stingy, fluffy, minuscule, phase, incandescent, soft, swinging, juicy, lively, send, high beams, inflammation, insipid, luminosity, few, motiveless, uninfected, royal, go down, slack, mild, fluent, effortless, polished, first thing (in the morning), catch the light, catch fire, lenient, decrease, crystallise, faint, diminish, irradiate, sportsmanlike, wake, the burn, hurricane lamp, well-heeled, vindicated, strike, shallow, only, timid, bold, underweight, atmospheric, slim, spark, density, glistening, royal, before dark, livid, wee, dense, igniter, bodybuilding, lightly, get away, coruscation, glimmer, belittle, gently, precipitate, glare, temperate, A-line, brief, indecent, black, satisfying, lax, hand-to-mouth, illuminance, effervescent, featherlight, sleeper, alluvial, light-hearted, painless, green light, flavorful, fat-free, force, light up, insufficient, load, the Beaufort scale, fluorescent, go up, get off, unpalatable, demoralise, lithe, heat, gaslight, wild, featherweight, clean, tripping, aspect, easy, slight, monotone, puny, gleaming, trip, brighten, out of work, fragmentary, sprightly, spry, pebbly, deep, dispirit, cheap, analgesia, unstressed, niggardly, light-footed, get down, small, glow, scarce, hand-to-mouth, crossroads, someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, elucidation, attractive, quietly, hazard light, fall down, crossing, ray, palish, sporty, undemanding, mail, flow, inflamed, sparkling, settle, take down, bring down, gluttonous, deficient, numb, lunchtime, nonabrasive, skimpy, giddy, sparse, hands-down, commence, butt, simple, immodest, frivolous, conflagrate, trip out, angle, unsubstantial, Christ Within, blaze, featherlike, airheaded, low-cal, backless, unwarranted, lilting, counterweight, east, stuffed, argus-eyed, inedible, moderate, snap, lower, imperfect, depress, sheer, waking, disciplinary, slight, light-duty, open-eyed, effortless, baseless, downhill, glisten, flare, sick, flat, unused, great, unchaste, headlamp, the light, Light Within, combust, free, ciggy, enlighten, flicker, shade, cross, sapless, low-density, minute, leavened, groundless, skimp, demoralize, candescent, lighted, in the morning, smartness, lightsome, frame of reference, tender, calorie-free, frothy, minimum, sluttish, exonerated, easygoing, glaring, bright and early, roost, dazzle, balmy, sort out, gossamery, lamplit, featherlight, firing, sensual, dry, flatboat, pleasant, tasteless, tasty, edible, jaunty, fractional, brilliant, circuit training, sparing, lightness, celebratory, unaccented, bantamweight, luminescent, tender, cheroot, pure, jobless, bleached, clarification, frolicsome, brights, animated, percipient, visible radiation, floodlighted, shimmer, hop out, greedy, feeble, well-defined, spare, underweight, button-through, legerity, glare, joyous, fairylike, brake light, blithe, sit-down, glittery, facile, shine, climb down, twinkle, get out, liberal, swooning, watery, stir up, open, fog light, lightweight, leisurely, fatless, smooth, best, nightlight, cast down, agility, begin, comfortable, aerobics, see, crosswalk, feline, diet, gracile, catch, mild, arc, nimble, lighthearted, unimportant, lightsomeness, light-armed, escape, filmy, vision, downhill, fair, cleared, set, drinkable, well-to-do, shadowy, low, carnal, digestible, filter, ridicule, pale, dizzy, ignition, penal, candlelight, twinkling, seeing, sparing, light-headed, nasty, rest, stale, light-colored, noonday, chin-up, Sleeping Beauty, shiny, sleepyhead, appetizing, crystalise, feline, snap, escaped, sight, cold, heavy, take off, flash, soothing, illuminated, set down, start, phosphorescent, visible light, incident ray, alfresco, flyweight, lithesome, dead weight, color-coded, easterly, softly, elation, stop, dreamless, fooling, turn on, wakeful, chew, cigarette, neat, luminance, well-situated, come down, pastel, slim, lit, flasher, Inner Light, dismount, lissome, swallow, alight, flimsy, lighting-up, brash, slatternly, blowzy, put down, unhorse, perch, little, scarce, somnambulist, barely, drop, balmy, short, frugal, bland, sporting, dismay, gleam, lewd, floaty, lithe, faint-hearted, clear, fly, decipherable, luminous, floodlit, unmortgaged, decaffeinated, powdery, insensitive, cutting, light source, kindling, insignificant, nonabrasive, disembark, brightness level, by night/day, lighting, lamplight, relaxing, scant, mellow, chiffon, blinkers, lithesome, ready, noctambulism, weak, sunlit, perspective, prosperous, exculpated, replete, sheen, smooth, nonfat, fainthearted, fall, vigilant, sandy, hearty, well-fixed, glister, chalky, sunstruck, graceful, sound, unquenchable, delicious, unprovoked, silly, agile, slender, enjoyable, grade crossing, lissome, straighten out, carbonated, unaffixed, poor, facile, rickety, clear up, blithesome, boggy, lighten, fallible, pleasurable, go to sleep, button-down, unfounded, respect, nimble, quiet, moderate, tiny, nimbleness, promiscuous, clear-cut, radiant, slap-up, arrive, palatable, bioluminescent, gleaming, bong, numbing, illumination, regard, hands-down, restful, reddened, descend, dim, empty-headed, gay, come, cheap, colored, charming, sodium, incandescence, miniature, cone, candent, exemplary, get by, hang, set about, superficial, following, agile, crystallize, exiguous, put out, briar, stingy, side, niggardly, at large, peaty, get, lightly-armed, carry, hushed, unobjectionable, gusty, colors, glittering, muffled, light-footed, fresh, ready, simple, muted, lightheaded, uncontaminating, glitter, eyesight, return, aerobic, featly, informal, washy, on the loose, tangy, friable, corked, animate, backup light, trivial, hoy, vague, fag, wispy, unclouded, decrepit, full, insubstantial, rich, skimpy, neglect, large, swingy, send off, soothing, bright, illuminating, cleverness, hardscrabble, luster, ignitor, well-lighted, pass, casual, lightweight, full-bodied, featly, ponderous, aquarobics, gaseous, lovely, volatile, loose, nice, barge, ill, lighter, frail, weightlessness, spare, marshy, high spirits, fluid, radiance, discharge, cloudless, inadequate, chintzy, shining, benign, cigar, mere, set out, vivid, bad, daylight, at the crack of dawn, aerial, shed light on, imponderable, piggy, merry, benign, start out, insensible, dazzling, floating, poor, debile, well-off, baggy, infirm, mock, post-prandial, electric discharge, illume, bland, nett, gale-force, boot-cut, succulent, erupt, glistering, devolve, clingy, skimp, blowsy, abstemious, rancid, dead, alcoholic, thinly, accrue, wanton, absolved, clean-living, weakly, hand, lite, lessen, scintillation, painless.

Examples of usage:

The light of his life went out. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.

" That's why this hasn't come to light before, then. - "Time Crime", H. Beam Piper.

No light job, Mr. Brent- but we found this. - "In the Mayor's Parlour", J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher.

Similar words:

signal light, running light, shaft of light, see the light, shed light on, speed of light, Saint Elmo's Light, Saint Ulmo's Light, round-trip light time, southern lights.

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