Synonyms for Shooting:


knifelike (adjective)
Gnawing, knifelike.
sharp (adjective)
lancinating, sharp, stabbing.


gunfire, clay pigeon, paintball, skeet shooting, trapshooting. fire, crossfire, fusillade, discharge, hunting, friendly fire, fire fight, drive-by, cover, exchange. acute, knifelike, Gnawing, lancinating, sharp, big, piercing, stabbing. act (noun)
a sport (noun)
firing a weapon (noun)
gunfire, firing.
shooting (noun)


motivating (verb)
fermenting, Punching, heaving, energizing, propelling, goading, launching, impelling, hurling, Lobbing, Fomenting, Instigating, hurtling, jolting, triggering, jostling, Ramming, provoking, inducing, Shoving, hastening, prodding, jogging, catapulting, prompting, Throwing, Bumping, slinging, firing, moving, thrusting, poking, enticing, jerking, Forcing, stimulating, encouraging, pitching, pushing, Magnetizing, inspiring, striking, Flinging, motivating, knocking, Nudging, urging, driving.

Other synonyms:

clay pigeon, lancinating, paintball, skeet shooting, trapshooting, knifelike, stabbing, Gnawing. piercing, fire. acute. sharp. shooting
shot, gunfire.
Other relevant words:
knifelike, shot, Gnawing, fusillade, discharge, fire, trapshooting, piercing, sharp, hunting, lancinating, acute, stabbing, gunfire.

Usage examples for shooting

  1. " Then we'll have to do it without shooting – Black Jack by Max Brand
  2. Do you still mean to go on a shooting expedition with Umbezi, Inkoosi? – Child of Storm by H. Rider Haggard
  3. You know how I enjoy shooting and I generally go alone, for I am not clever enough yet with my gun to be trusted to shoot in company with others. – Banked Fires by E. W. (Ethel Winifred) Savi