Synonyms for Unsurpassed:


supreme (adjective)
unequaled, best, matchless.


premier, ideal, there is no substitute for something, second to none. optimal, better, superlative, optimum. unexcelled (noun)
unequaled, matchless, unprecedented, unique.
unsurpassed (noun)
unexcelled, best, unexceeded.

Other synonyms:

unique, best, optimal. optimum. Other relevant words:
unequaled, ideal, unprecedented, matchless, optimal, unique, optimum, superlative.

Usage examples for unsurpassed

  1. Sherring remarks of the Barhais: " As artisans they exhibit little or no inventive powers: but in imitating the workmanship of others they are perhaps unsurpassed in the whole world. – The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II by R. V. Russell
  2. But for cloud effects, for wonderful shadows, for fantastic and unbelievable sunsets, when the mountains are violet, the lakes silver with red flashes, the islets gold and crimson and purple, and the whole cloudy west in a flame, it is unsurpassed only your standard of beauty must not be a velvet lawn studded with copper beeches, or a primary- hued landscape bathed in American sunshine. – Penelope's Irish Experiences by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  3. He, whose power of making a story tell itself is unsurpassed is capable of thrusting into his book interminable chapters of comment and explanation, chapters in the manner of a controversial pamphlet, lest the argument of his drama should be missed. – The Craft of Fiction by Percy Lubbock